Mojo20 have always been advocates for local musicians and artists and there has never been a shortage of any of these. It’s amazing how Lincoln on any given night can offer an amazing night of live music and within the city some of its most talented have almost become household names. But unfortunately Lincoln’s never had that big break out name, that transcends local roots and goes on to create a fan base or a legacy of particularly notable size. Even if they do, they normally change their hometown to wherever it is they now reside, or at least where they got big, leaving Lincoln behind, never to be mentioned again. Now, one of the biggest up and coming names locally is Himalia, an electronic DJ that recently released debut LP ‘Distances’ and on first listen to the album, I knew immediately why his name keeps popping up all over. With ‘Distances’ being easily attainable, as well as having the talent and substance to continue to grow, will Himalia be not only Lincolns biggest musical export, but one of the countries ost exciting electronic artists? We caught up with him to see how things are now the albums out, what got him there, and where he’s going next…

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So for those that don’t already know who or what is Himalia and when did this all kick off?
Well Himalia is me [David Hinman] and it’s the name I gave myself when I started to take my music production a little more seriously. I started making music around 2011 when I got some software from a friend, and then it all went from there really. I bought numerous sample packs and plug­ins and started to try and find my own sound.

Your debut LP ‘Distances’ was recently released and is doing really well already. How would you describe the album and what can we expect from it?
Well it was originally going to be an EP at first but after all the chats I had with the label we decided to put 10 tracks on it, making it an LP. There’s a bunch of different tracks on there really, I managed to work with a handful of really cool vocalists at the time so it all came together really nicely. If you wanted to listen to something whilst you work, chill, travel, party etc, there’s something for everyone on there. It’s mostly very melodically influenced.

A few of the tracks feature help from other artists like Sakima & Alex Jordahl. How was it working with them and how did the collaborations come about?
Well I found Sakima via Boom Ting, which is Jakwob’s record label. I got my first EP signed to them in 2011, to which I came across the other artists on the label. It went really good actually, I sent a basic shell of a track to Sakima and he sent me the most amazingly creative vocal back for it. I really enjoyed piecing the track together when I got them back.
As for Alex Jordahl, He contacted me about a bootleg he had done of one of my older tracks, and he asked me if he could use it, so I asked for the vocals and made a kind of VIP version for my LP.

Where can we find the album for a copy?
You can buy it direct from the Pegdoll website in Digipack CD format, MP3 or WAV, also on iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Juno & Spotify.

Who are your main inspirations and idols in the electronic music world?
I don’t think I could give you a certain enough answer for that one, I’ve grown up on so many different types of music and to have idols and inspirations from just a few people it’s massively hard to narrow it down. But the artists that have helped me find my own inspirations are people like Synkro, Bonobo, Sorrow & Asa, but there’s so many more like, Bring Me The Horizon, Underoath, Mos Def, Submotion Orchestra just to name a few.

People may not know this but Mojo20 & Himalia go back about fifteen years and I’ve seen first-hand your eclectic music taste and how it’s evolved over the years. What was it that made you land on electronica over all the other genres you’ve loved and been involved in?
Haha! Well I guess it’s quite nice switching over to something a little more chilled and organic rather than playing Death Metal in bands and wind milling and moshing all over the place haha. It just came quite easy to be honest. I’ve always been a massive fan of real nice melodies and groove but also real deep and soulful kind of vibes. I tend to maybe make stuff that’s two different styles like drums could be fast but it could be a nice soundscape rather than a dark one? Like it could be happy or sad depending on what I’m personally feeling or depending what I can just hear in my head how I think it should sound, If you get me haha.

Locally Himalia has become a large name and it’s often that you’ll see your name on a poster for a DJ set or event. Where are you currently performing and where can fans find you to witness the magic up close and personal?
Well I’m actually taking a bit of a break from mixing for a bit now, it just made me take my mind off actually making my own type music rather than trying to impress everyone on dance floors playing stuff that I really didn’t want to play. That being my residency that I had. I’m now taking time out to write some more music and maybe take Himalia down a different path, there’s so many influences in my music I could take it down so many routes. So just going to make as much music as possible really!

What’s been your biggest achievement or proudest moment since Himalia was first created?
Most probably, my release on Med School. I’ve always loved Hospital Records since I got into Drum & Bass and to get a track signed to their sister label and the home of some of my favourite artists was a massive achievement. It was a track called “Always Waiting”, its available on the New Blood 014 compilation from Med School Music.

If you could work with any other DJ, who would it be and why?
DJ EZ definitely, I think it would be wicked to just watch and learn from him as he does some absolutely crazy things with CDJ’s.

What’s your biggest ambition for your future in music?
Just to reach out to as many people as possible and take my music further across the world. I’m going to be releasing more music this year as we’re bringing out “Distances Remixed” in August, so keep your eyes peeled for that one. Other than that, I’ll probably be writing music till the day I die so just keep listening and I’ll keep writing.

For more information on Himalia and to keep up to date with his future projects, check out his Facebook here.

Interview conducted by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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