I’m not sure how I personally feel about it all so far. I think I like it and want to see more but as long it’s done correctly. What I’m talking about here is the latest craze that we’ve found our contemporary heroes embroiled in, that being the popularity of adding the biggest and best names from yesteryear and either having them perform, or sampling them  to create today’s biggest tunes. I guess we saw it first when the money making miracle Will.I.Am (miracle because I still don’t understand how he’s ever made a penny from his music) when he brought in Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones. Jagger is of course one of the biggest names in rock n roll of all time, with a career spanning six different decades. Why he ever agreed to work with Will.I.Am is completely beyond me but luckily Jennifer Lopez was also on hand to throw her two cents into the absolute abortion that became’ T.H.E (The hardest ever)’. One of the worst songs I think I’ve ever heard and even for a massive Rolling Stones fan, Jagger’s efforts didn’t help at all. In 2015 we’ve seen Paul McCartney join forces with both Rihanna & Kanye West to bring us the extremely catchy ‘FourFiveSeconds’ and then again with Kanye for ‘Only One’. I favoured this effort way over Will.I.Wish.You.Wasnt’s poor attempt to add some legendary flavour to a modern classic. In fact ‘FourFive seconds’ has become one of my favourite songs this year and I still remember when the three of them together, stole the show at the Grammys when they had the whole crowd up and dancing with only the three of them on stage playing a brand new release, acoustically, further proving that quality beats quantity every time. In the past couple of weeks another example has been released in the form of A$AP Rocky’s ‘Everyday’ which features a sample of Rod Stewart’s classic summer anthem ‘In A Broken Dream’.

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 11.24.03

Finally we get to hear Rod’s voice back on the radio and much like Rihanna & Kanye’s opportunity with genius, it hasn’t been wasted. ‘Everyday’ is for me already the song of the summer and I appreciate it is quite early to make such a statement but I can’t see this combination of A$AP Rocky, Rod, Miguel & Mark Ronson being outdone. It’s got everything you need from that dreamy chorus which Miguel has even managed to replicate and update perfectly, but it’s also exactly the sort of Hip-Hop I like. It’s subtle in parts and blatant in others. It’s soft where it needs to be and edgy where it wants to be. I can’t say I’ve ever considered myself a fan of A$AP but I’ve always enjoyed his work, maybe from a distance I suppose, just waiting for something to draw me closer. Well when you bring in the lead singer of The Faces, one of the most iconic men in British rock ‘n’ roll history, that’s how you get Mojo20 listening.

I’ve been left excited about what’s next from A$AP Rocky. I’m also excited to see whether this means new music from Rod Stewart. I’m also excited to see who’s next to join the list. Can we expect Ben Howard & David Bowie? What about a collaboration between Kendrick Lamar & Ray Davies from The Kinks? Florence & the Machine featuring Diana Ross? Who knows but I hope this carries on a bit, but like I said at the start, only if it’s done right.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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