2015 has been one of those years that has seen a the returns of some of the new millenniums biggest bands and artists and none potentially more important than the Maccabees. A while back Mumford & sons also returned and straight away us here at Mojo20 got involved and shared our opinions with you through a couple of reviews on their first two new singles. Two different songs, two very different opinions and that’s exactly what we’ve got here too. Our very own Robert Smith (Mojo20 writer and Maccabees super fan) got straight on to expressing his love for their first single from the upcoming fourth studio album ‘Marks To Prove It’ and the title track certainly received the full ten out of ten, thumbs up from him. (Read that review here.) So now, they’ve released second single ‘Something Like Happiness’ I guess I better get on with it.

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 15.00.11

As a big Maccabees fan personally, I’ve been very excited to see what they have to offer on LP number four, especially since their previous three albums have been home runs and I struggle to think of a better return single than ‘Pelican’ was back in 2011 so surely they’re going to come back with something special. For me ‘Marks To Prove It’ wasn’t that great a return and probably doesn’t feature anywhere in my top ten favourite Maccabees songs, but it has certainly proven to be a grower and I appreciate it much more than when it was released. So surely second single ‘Something Like Happiness’ is the one that’s going to win us all over? Well again, I haven’t found it overwhelming at all and would have hoped for me. Now I’m not knocking the Maccabees here and I’m certainly not saying that the new material isn’t good, what I’m saying is it’s just a little bit middle of the road. It may have been more noteworthy if it was really bad, like if they had gone in a different direction musically and created something terrible but I just don’t have a great deal to say about it and wish that it had excited me the way I expected it to. It appears to be much more ‘Maccabees’ than ‘Marks to prove it did and again from a personal stand point do prefer it to ‘Marks To Prove It’ but that’s not to say I love it. The beat is a little off which is interesting and Orlando’s vocals are as dreamy as ever, but that’s certainly something we’ve seen before from the London five-piece. I’m not going to put over a song that’s greatest attribute is that it’s a bit better than its predecessor. With all of that said I’m still excited for the release of the full album on 31st of July and hoping that what’s left is the stuff to really get us excited as well as maybe even giving the first two singles a bit more of a place in The Maccabees mostly incredible back catalogue. Still a fan & still interested.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)



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