It’s not the rarest thing of all time to hear of musician’s gobbing off and making absolute fools of their self in the process. Kanye West gets accused of it on almost a weekly basis, but this isn’t a new trend at all. For years and years; frontmen and musicians of all types have been speaking their mind and getting it so wrong in the process, facing nothing but a backlash of ridicule and correction as soon as they’ve made their bold and unwarranted statements. Here are a few of our favourite examples:

Gareth Gates vs Young fathers – 2015Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 20.59.53
Following their recent performance at Glastonbury on the Park stage this past weekend, Mercury prize winners Young Fathers received a ‘140 characters or less’ tirade of abuse from one of music’s most valuable and respected figures… as Gareth Gates from Pop Idol & Katie Price fame back in the early 2000’s took to Twitter and claimed that “Bands like young fathers offend me. Is this talent? Is this musicianship? No. It’s shit”. Unsurprisingly Gate’s received no end of grief in response from music fans from all over, which is hardly a shock. I’ve always been a believer in the saying, ‘if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything’ but also understand that the rules can be bent on that belief somewhat as long as you can’t possibly come under any personal scrutiny yourself once you’ve made your statement. So for a failed Pop Idol reject that now does children’s pantomimes for a living and has never released a song that wasn’t a crap cover, it’s a bit rich for him to comment at all on other people’s talents or musicianship, ESPECIALLY when they’re also the most recent Mercury prize winners. It’d be a bit harsh to condemn poor Mr. Gates, but just have a think first next time lad?

Johnny Borrell’s incredible delusions – All the timeScreen Shot 2015-07-02 at 21.00.28
Razorlight frontman Jonny Borrell has always been famed for his ridiculous musings and over the top self-appreciation. It’s been like this since they first started to get big in 2004, but he really has said some amazing things that have solidified him to this day as an absolute prick. Personally, I love Razorlight and think those first two albums were brilliant, but only in a certain way. They were as good as it’s going to be having a resurgence of popular indie music in the mid-noughties. One great quote from Borrell was as he laid into the Kooks first record ‘Inside in/inside out’. He stated how the album was “horrible” and commented on how they it was perfectly catered for kissing up to Radio 1 officials and making them lots of money. In reality, I don’t see a great deal of difference between the Kooks early work and Razorlight’s, especially the second self titled album which was about half an hour of radio friendly pop tunes. If it was similar to the Kooks debut at all, it certainly was NOT similar to the legendary ‘Basement tapes’ by Bob Dylan and the band, an album in which he has mentioned before in one of his self-indulgent rants, even once going as far as to state how he’s a better song writer than Dylan and that “If Dylan is making the chips, I’m drinking the Champagne”. I don’t even know what the fuck that means.

Sleaford Mods vs Slaves – 2015Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 20.59.24
Going to make this one short and sweet because I don’t have a great deal to say about this and it’s derived from a more personal note than it should probably be but during a recent interview with NME, they claimed that Slaves were a pile of shit and were ripping them off. They then went on to their recent Glastonbury set and patronisingly asked the crowd if they “enjoyed the support band” and then referred to them as Take That. Slaves have been one of the most exciting acts to take their rightful place in the music scene over the past year and after their aggressive and high-octane Glasto set, their stock may be going up more and more. Whereas the Sleaford Mods are nothing more than miserable, self-serving, foul-mouthed gob shites. Sleaford Mods even took to slagging off everything about the festival itself this past weekend, from the toilets, to the crowds and to the festival itself. When an underground band like these guys thinks they’re bigger than one of the biggest music events on the planet, you know they’re either ridiculously delusional or it’s all an act. Truth be told, I couldn’t care less, they surely have their fan base, but I’m not a part of it. Especially since their atrocious efforts at a recent gig in Lincoln…

Ten Walls has a go at homosexuality – 2015Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 21.09.45
This one was followed by a prefuse apology but what on earth was Lithuanian producer Ten Walls thinking when he decided to openly slam homosexuals with comments such as “What would you do if you realised your 16-year-old sons browny is ripped by his boyfriend?” and later comparing gay people to paedophiles when stating “(in)the good 90s … these people of different breed were fixed”. Well, as I said, he later apologized but not before losing a shit ton of tour dates and performances. Rightfully so as well. This current generation has been accused of being a little too PC in fear of not wanting to offend anyone, but as I said earlier, if you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t speak, not to mention that if this is the case with society today then what exactly did he expect from this outpouring of hateful emotion. It’s  comments like these that will make sure the only Walls we remember in future are them sound sausages with the dog on the advert.

Megan Trainor as usual – 2014Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 20.58.34
She’s back. I don’t think there’s many articles we do here at that don’t feature Megan Trainor, which is awful because it never seems to be in a positive light. But what can you do when somebody’s as shockingly tragic as this girl. If her music wasn’t bad enough, as she slags off skinny girls or claims that all females are interested in is finding a husband that’ll hold doors open for them in return for blowjobs. But it was the comments she made in an interview last year that got us all riled up, informing us that “I wasn’t strong enough to have an eating disorder… I tried to go anorexic for a good three hours. I ate ice and celery but that’s not even anorexic and I quit. I was like ‘Ma, can you make me a sandwich… like immediately”. Now I think we can all see the problem with those insensitive comments and it was inevitable that a few words were going to be fired back by the masses that were understandably upset or bemused by the ramblings of this complete tool. No better advocate for the cause stood up and fought back as Demi Levato, took to Twitter to ensure us all that this disease isn’t a choice and that real strength comes from enduring and ultimately conquering anorexia. Well done Levato. Trainor, you should be taking notes on how to not be a nob from this girl!

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)



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