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You’ve recently announced a new album, claiming that this one will be very different from previous efforts, from what I can tell from first single; Don’t Let Nothing Get In Your Way; I can sense some maturity in the band. What can we expect from this new album?

I think inevitably the band is a lot more mature than when most people last dipped into our world, it’s been eight years since We’ll Live And Die In These Towns, since then we’ve matured as people but also in terms of out tastes musically and otherwise.

Who did the majority of the writing for the new album or was it a shared effort?

On previous albums I’ve been the primary writer, and whilst I still did the majority of the writing on this Andy has contributed more than ever, and I’ve worked with some other writers too, it’s been a more open process and I think the album is richer for it.

As well as a new album, you’ll also be going on tour. Reading some tweets; people seem annoyed at the absence of a hometown gig. What made you not choose Coventry as a tour date this time round?

We are playing Coventry, for some reason it’s not appeared on some of the promotional press packs. In fact not only are we playing Coventry we’re playing in a brand new venue which I’m opening in the heart of the city. I’m trying to bring an O2 Academy quality venue to Coventry and we’ll be one of the first acts to play there. Tickets are available now if you follow links from our social media.

Growing up, what bands or artists influenced you to want to be in a band?Everything really, from classical music to Led Zeppelin, dance music, jazz fusion, film soundtracks, my taste in music growing up was always pretty varied.

What current bands do you listen to?

Lots! Borns, Phantogram, Brandon Flowers new album is sublime, as is Death Cab’s, I love Regret by Everything Everything and The Horrors most recent album blew me away. All of these have influenced the new record.

Everyone is still banging on about it so; What did you think of Kanye West’s performance at Glastonbury?

I loved it. I thought it was extremely brave of him, I think he did something which nobody expected and the lighting design was right up my street. We were in the studio at the time so I watched it on TV while taking a break and loved every minute of it!

Due to tweets from internet trolls, Tom quit twitter. Some of the negativity was coming from journalists; why do you think some people struggled to “get” what The Enemy was all about?

I don’t know really, I just know that some people are better equipped to deal with abuse which targets their physicality and attacks of that nature. I’m not, so I quit. My final tweet kind of covers it if people are wondering why I reached the decision I did. I have to say my life’s been better and I’ve been happier since I did. 

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What’s on a typical Enemy rider?

Beer, water, sugary drinks for energy, some snacks for our crew to nibble on throughout the day and that’s pretty much it! We’re a cheap date!

What’s next for The Enemy?

Well I’d like to hope that radio and the media will be into what we’re doing and pick up this album so that we have lots of opportunities to say yes to! Obviously it’s not that simple but we’re all crossing our fingers. We’re starting work on the next album immediately. The band is working really well at the moment and we want to keep the momentum up!

I read rumours of a potential split a year or so ago with Tom wanting to focus on solo stuff. Is this something that you see happening in the future when “you’ve had enough, had enough!” (excuse the pun) of The Enemy?

It was just before this album. I didn’t want to make another Enemy album the same as any we’d done before. I didn’t expect Andy or Liam to feel the same so I assumed my only option was to go it alone, but when I approached them to tell them how I felt they felt exactly the same and we all wanted to make the same record, which we’ve done! : )

In the song ‘Away From Here’ you stated you’d rather stay at home with Richard and Judy. Now that they can’t get on television for the love nor the money, what’s your favourite daytime tv show nowadays?

I’ve kind of given up TV! I had a bit of an epiphany earlier this year and now I can’t sit still, I have to be out working or doing something challenging! When I’ve been at home I have been watching that “Humans” on channel four though. Could definitely do with a synth to keep my place tidy!

New album, It’s Automatic is out October 2015.

Tom Clarke was speaking to Mojo20’s Robert Smith (@robertmsmith)


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