Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 21.58.06The View are back with brand new album, Ropewalk, due to be released 4th September. I recently got the chance to speak to frontman, Kyle Falconer about what we can expect and the question on EVERYBODY’S lips; when was the last time he wore the same jeans for four days?

With the recent release of, Marriage, the first single to be taken from new album, Ropewalk; I sense a more mature approach to the music. What can we expect from Ropewalk?

A lot of people are saying that the album has a much more mature sound this time round. I think it’s a natural progression but it’s not too far off our original sound. I think that ‘Marriage’ was probably the most outlandish track on the whole album.
You’ve been going an impressive 10 years, what are some of the highlights?

I probably should be saying receiving the Mercury Award nomination or opening Glastonbury festival but really it’s just being on the road, getting to travel the world and to try new experiences.
Whilst growing up, which artists influenced you?

A load of them but Oasis and The Beatles the most.
Any current bands you’re enjoying?

Sonny Green who’s actually in our new video.
The Bar Dogs who I saw recently and a couple of them used to be in Velveteen Saints.
Also Jake Bugg, Everything Everything and Catfish & The Bottlemen.
What’s on a typical rider for The View?

Cereal, socks, booze, alcohol and cigarettes.
10 years is a long time to work with the same bunch of guys and you’ve previously done solo gigs. Can we expect a solo album from you at any point in the future to give yourself a break from everything in a band brings?

I’ve been threatening to do a solo album for a while but every time I finish on a View album it just feels natural to get cracking on the next View album. I’d like to take some time out in the future but at the same time I’m very much of a team mentality.
Who does the writing? Or is it a shared effort? And what’s your writing process?

Myself and Kieren have historically done all the writing but on this album the others have got involved and Pete wrote the new single ‘Under The Rug’.  Basically, we all come up with ideas individually then get together and play them to each other and we go from there…
As well as the new album, you’ll be going on tour towards the later part of this year. What’s next after that’s finished?

We’ve got a UK tour and then a European tour and then we’re reapplying for our Japanese visas as we really wanna go back there again. We’ll probably just start writing again and starting the process for the next album. We played Russia recently and that was really weird…
You’ve previously confessed your love for Fleetwood Mac and once claimed that your last thought before going to bed at night was marrying Stevie Nicks in her prime. Still loving the Mac? And have you ever had the pleasure of meeting Stevie Nicks?

Yeah of course I still love them! I saw them at  the IOW festival and was desperate to meet Stevie but it’s still not happened. I’ve touched Lindsey Buckinghams guitar tho! That’s the closest I’ve got!
When was the last time you wore the same jeans for four days?
Ha – prob last week actually altho they were jean-shorts.

Kyle Falconer was speaking to Mojo20’s Robert Smith (@robertmsmith).


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