One of rock n roll’s biggest legends of all time recently returned with his brand new solo album ‘Crosseyed Heart’ and we’ve not been able to stop listening ever since, proving that at 71 years old and after 55 years in the business, Keith Richards is still the man. As part of one of the biggest bands of all time, he’s been a massive name since the early 60’s but always as part of the Rolling Stones, however he has certainly had more than a few shining moments throughout his career as Mick Jagger has willingly stepped aside to let the guitar legend take the microphone. Here are some of our favourite Stones songs where Richards took the lead:

Thru & Thru (Voodoo Lounge – 1994)
Without a doubt my favourite, as Richard’s vocals have reached a smoky peak and the guitar work is subtle and understated, before the rest of the band dives in towards the end and picks up the whole thing. It shows all sides of Keith’s versatility, from sentimental and heartbroken, to edgy, gritty, rock n roll legend.

Infamy (A Bigger Bang – 2005)
This upbeat and super cool climax to their last/latest studio album from the mid 2000’s isn’t just a great track but also features quite a brilliant play on words. You’ll have to just check it out to see what we mean.

Happy (Exile on Main Street – 1972)
The whole Exile on Main Street album was always considered Keith’s finest moment as it was his mainly his vision and ideas that went into its production and it’s easy to see this as it’s heavily laden with a bluesy, roots based sound. Many Stones fans would consider it their best album but one of the stand out tracks has to be ‘Happy’ as once again Richards takes lead vocal and it became one of the more recognisable from an already brilliant record.

You Got The Silver (Let it Bleed – 1969)
The 60’s were just about over and the world was changing, but one thing that remained was, the Rolling Stones were one of the biggest bands on the planet. ‘Let it bleed’ offered us some of the Stones biggest tracks in ‘Gimme Shelter’ & ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’, but Keith as usual had a great deal to offer with the beautiful, country blues style of ‘You got the silver’. Interestingly enough it was also the last recording that Brian Jones would play on before his untimely exit from the band and consequent death.

Little T&A (Tattoo You – 1981)
With the 80’s in full swing and style and sound changing all around the world, it must have been a breath of fresh air to see Keith Richards could still hold down the rock n roll side of thing. God knows Jagger would have been pushing in a much more modern direction so for Richards to deliver what we all want, women and guitar riffs.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)



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