If you don’t like crying, Daughter’s new single, Doing The Right Thing isn’t the track for you. This is the band’s first new song since the incredible debut album, If You Leave way back in 2013. Their songs have never been floor-filling indie pop bangers and that’s why we love them. They never try to be anything other than what they are and it’s clear from our first glimpse of second album, Not To Disappear that they’re still the same band as they were in 2013 which for us is brilliant news.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 19.31.16

The track tells a tale of loss, ageing, loneliness and dementia whilst expressing the notion of making the most of things in life whilst you still can and essentially, not wasting it in front of the telly all of the time.

Despite the upsetting themes of both the video and song itself, this doesn’t take away from how amazing Daughter are. Elena Tonra has some of the most beautiful vocal talent I’ve ever heard which is always haunting yet uplifting at the same time. It’s weird. There’s just nobody else around at the minute with the ability to produce goosebumps to the magnitude that Daughter do. I’m lucky enough to have seen Daughter perform live and you could genuinely hear a pin drop at the end of each song as people watch in awe at the sheer talent the band possess. I can only imagine how phenomenal this one is going to sound live but I really hope I get to witness it soon. Until then, this song will be on my morning commute’s playlist until the album’s out. Welcome back Daughter.

The song has been out for a few weeks now but I felt that today would be an apt opportunity to take the time to review it as today marks a year since the most amazing Nan passed away. MY Nan. I’ve heard the song numerous times recently but today, I “got it”. After losing someone so special, I realised that life really is too short and we all need to look away from our screens more to appreciate what’s really important; our loved ones.

Words by Robert Smith(@robertmsmith)

In memoriam of ‘That Kind Lady’, Betty Sendall.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 20.14.30
Not To Disappear is available to purchase  15th January.

1. New Ways
2. Numbers
3. Doing The Right Thing
4. How
5. Mothers
6. Alone / With You
7. No Care
8. To Belong
9. Fossa
10. Made Of Stone




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