It’s an understatement to say that Weezer are a band that don’t take themselves too seriously. I’ve never proclaimed to be a lover of their work but they’ve always been a band I’ve kept an eye on and listened to now and then. Following my recent review of Daughter’s latest single, (which you can read here), I needed a pick me up of sorts so I was pleased to discover that Weezer had released a new single entitled Thank God For Girls. It was clear from the title alone that this wouldn’t be a serious song.

Before I share my views on the track, check out Rivers Cuomo’s review. It might be worth noting that this is the lead singer reviewing his own track…


Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 18.37.33“Oh my god you guys, the new single is amazing! After we played it last night, I turned to my plus one and said, with glee, “it’s no Back to the Shack!! Hands down Thank God for Girls is the far, far better song. I’m no music critic but I have no problem sharing my opinion on this.

I will say the band seems to be putting their all into it. There’s a spoken intro that reminded me of “Miss Sweeney” and a really pretty classic Weezer guitar driven melody. And Scott plays the keyboard on parts of it. I love the abrupt acapella ending, it showcases my voice.
The lyrics sound pretty out there and remind me of my Tumblr work. Very unique, very different, a bit dark. (I especially love the Adam lyric parts) … that last line is gold.
I’m not a huge fan of rapped out sections in songs but there’s a lot of cool work going on here with harmonies. I think the music is really great, I’m a huge fan of organs being used and piano in the verse.
It’s a perfect mix of Weezer past and future. The chorus soars on melodic wings. It rocks sooooo hard. I can’t really compare it to anything specific we’ve ever done. But I can’t wait for more!
 I think this may be a big hit single. I hope I’m not overselling it but I think it’s great! (adventurous, brave, fun, compelling, rocking, and I just LOVE it.)
I love this song, I love Weezer, and I love you! =w= OCTOBER 13!!! BUCKLE UP, HERE WE GO!”
– Rivers Cuomo

So there we have it, some pretty modest words from the Weezer frontman. But do I agree with any of the points he makes?
Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 18.30.03
The only point I really agree with from this self-review is that the lyrics are indeed very out there, unique, very different and dark. Despite all these factors, the lyrics are still pretty funny. Not hilarious, but teenage me would’ve been rolling on the floor laughing for hours if not days.

That’s the thing about Weezer, they’ve never really grown up but in many ways, I like that. They don’t take themselves too seriously and they know this and in a sense, feed on this fact. In a nutshell, they’re never going to soundtrack a James Bond film.

Cuomo also mentions that it’s a mix of past and future Weezer. I definitely agree with it having elements of past Weezer but I’m no Mystic Meg and can’t predict their future sounds but he is the lead singer so I’ll take his word for it.

So, with these points in mind, do I like the song? Yeah, it’s alright. It kills 3 minutes 29 seconds and the lyrics are random and at times awkwardly rapped whilst sounding a little like Gym Class Heroes (what happened to GCC?! Probably got their hands caught in the cookie jar) but I like that and it goes hand in hand with the incredibly random video. Don’t even ask me to obtain any sort of meaning from the video. Just watch it for yourself below.

Words by Robert Smith(@robertmsmith)


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