Majestic, magnificent and magical. Three words that can appropriately and completely describe the experience of being one of around three hundred people at the Lincoln Engine Shed’s Platform venue on 29th October 2015. As the three sisters from Watford delivered their own brand of folk and those harmonies that boggle the mind, they’re so perfect, we were treated to a set full of some of the most beautifully crafted songs this generation has to offer and amazingly enough all derived from just two LP’s so far. We heard crowd favourites like ‘Mexico’ & ‘Teeth White‘ plus brand new songs from latest album ‘If I Was’, released this past March.

Another cool and rather unexpected moment came when, after only a few songs into the set, they played a version of ‘Feel‘ by Bombay Bicycle Club. An inspired choice by a band with a style that really couldn’t be any more different to that of the band they were copying. The song was obviously done with a more organic folk style but did it justice and then some.

The song choices throughout were incredible, the performance was also ten out of ten. But what made this gig special was that you could just feel how everything that night aligned perfectly and just worked so well. The stage presence of the girls was outstanding and they had the crowd in the palm of their hands throughout, but this was also accompanied by wonderful sound quality. I can’t remember many live gigs where the sound was managed so well that it earned its very own acknowledgement. It’s normally there for scrutiny whether minor or major but this was crisp and deliberate.

It’s not so often that Lincoln draws truly incredible, current and talented acts of this calibre but I truly hope this is a trend in its infancy and we can all look forward to attending one of Lincoln’s best venues to experience a little more of this.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)

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