Waking up this morning, I did my usual checking of Facebook and discovered the sad news that a young, promising band, Viola Beach, had tragically died along with their manager in a car crash. The band were in Sweden for the Where Is The Music? festival and early reports state that the car fell from a highway bridge 80ft in to the canal below.

Viola Beach released their debut single ‘Swings & Waterslides’ in 2015 and were set to support Blossoms on their February and March UK and Ireland tour as well as a performance scheduled at SXFW in Texas later in the year. The band were on the cusp of becoming well-known and we were even waiting on a reply to some questions for a Before They Were Famous interview as we truly believed they’d make the big time and soon be partaking in their own headline tour.

Our thoughts go out to all their family and friends following the tragedy.

R.I.P guys.

Words by Robert Smith(@robertmsmith)


One Comment on “R.I.P VIOLA BEACH

  1. Did not know about this group and saw the news while reading. So sad for the family of everyone in this horrific accident. I love guitars and they were great playing it from the videos I watched. RIP, and hope that this is not the only life you will know and that there is something greater that awaits us….

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