After much build and shameless teasing, we finally got a chance to hear the recently announced collaboration of two of the UK’s favourite duos. That being electro production legends Chase & Status and Tunbridge Well’s most famous export, everyone’s favourite modern day punk act, Slaves. An interesting combination to say the least and one that caught our attention as soon as the vignettes were cropping up, promising that something good was coming our way. Of course, with Chase & Status being as versatile as they are and having an impressive thirteen years behind them, it was obviously going to be something worth checking out, especially since they’d decided to pair up with the UK’s most outspoken figures in current music, that’s before even considering the fact that Slaves are amongst some of the most loved characters in the commercial rock circle today.

To be honest, it was all we expected in the end. Once ‘Control’ had arrived it was dark, it was angry and it sounded very much like Chase & Status featuring Slaves, which it is of course. Point being, I wasn’t blown away, nothing happened that shocked the music world or drove this new song to heights such as my favourite of 2016. It is what it is and that’s absolutely fine. Not a problem at all. In fact the tracks good, the video that accompanies it is also quite powerful in its aggression. I think the big problem for me is its repetitiveness and predictability. Also, as Slaves are one of favourite alternative bands to surface in the past three years, it actually serves as a departure from their dirty, gritty almost childlike approach to rock n roll and their unique commentary on the current social climate which I’m not so sure I welcome. Plus, they’re one of the most effective duos in music at the minute as the two of them have created multiple fascinating scenes in their live shows, making you constantly question how too men can make such a sound and capture an audience’s attention so easily.

Like I said, it’s good, in fact it’s just fine but I’d certainly have preferred have to seen advancements into Slaves newest album, or Chase & Status’ for that matter. I should really just be grateful to be honest. Could always be worse. I could be forced to listen to that god awful radio friendly Tracy Chapman cover that’s doing the rounds at the minute…for crying out loud.


Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)




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