Twickenham five-piece Mystery Jets released their sixth studio album earlier in 2016 and have now gone on to release second single ‘Bubblegum’. First single ‘Telomere’ was released first and perhaps only for me personally, it went almost unnoticed. However, there is no ignoring this second single release. ‘Bugglegum’, for me, already is my favourite song of 2016 and is also without a doubt my favourite Mystery Jets track ever. I’ve seen Mystery Jets live before and found them to be as tight as any other indie band I’d ever seen, plus their penchant for blending synth based pop with a rock n roll edge has always credited them with an unmistakable sound. They sit amongst a group of other bands of their ilk that produced songs and albums alike, filled with dance floor fillers and sing along classics such as the majority of their 2008 release ‘Twenty One’. Years later they’ve honed their craft, matured their sound and produced one of the most emotive pieces of indie pop rock in years. The synth part is as catchy as anything I’ve heard in years and the collaborative vocals aid towards an over the top crescendo of joy.

I consider us to be in an age where most contemporary music seems rather muted, generic and really just quite boring, whilst bands like Mumford & Sons aim to sound as much like Coldplay as possible, all the while Coldplay try to sound like U2. Some of the biggest rock n roll bands on the planet at this time are either trading in everything they had or just returning with not so much a nuclear bombs worth of great, enduring and memorable material but more like a couple of sparklers worth like The Kooks continually do and in my opinion (sorry Rob) so did The Maccabees last year. The best comparison I can find for this new Mystery Jets sound is that it does remind me of The War on Drugs, but if you’re going to sound like any other band, that isn’t a bad shout.

As I said, ‘Bubblegum’ has almost immediately become my favourite track of 2016 and in these early stages of the year I’d be interested to see if it does endure. This I do know, it’ll be getting put on a disc and played this Saturday at Transmission. That in itself is exciting.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)



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