So isn’t that just the weirdest shit in the world? It was Mojo20’s own Robert Smith that alerted me to this as he must have known that both the nine year old me and the thirteen year old me would be having some sort of shit fit as the lead singer from HIM, Ville Valo, would be taking on Abba’s classic ‘Knowing me, knowing you’. Now, Ville only features on the track because it’s actually credited to MGT, who i admittedly have never heard of before and bar thinking it was Alan Rickman in the music video, smashing out some power chords on a mountain like these rock gods like to do, I know sod all about the bloke. After a little research (which took ages because Google constantly thought I wanted MGMT) I found that he’s in fact Birmingham born guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite, and his MGT outfit is all just initials. Mad right? I also found out that he’s 50 years old and has been performing with a number of different bands for over two decades, plus he’s worked with the likes of Gary Numan, PJ Harvey & Roger Daultrey.

Either way, what can you say about a British fella I’ve never come across, having Finland’s equivalent of David Bowie take on one of Abba’s biggest hits and releasing it in 2016? Not loads. But on the other hand, as far as covers of old school 80’s pop tunes, it’s pretty decent. It doesn’t exactly make the imagination explode as, if you were to ask me a few weeks ago to do an impression of Ville Valo singing an Abba song, it would have sounded a lot like the finished product here, apart from maybe without the dreamy, dark vocal tones of one of my biggest man crushes ever. As I said, it’s good, and it’s interesting to hear, but perhaps only for the first time. As for MGT, do I want to hear more? No not really. I wouldn’t be entirely against it but I haven’t found my new favourite artist. The biggest bonus out of all of this is that Valo is releasing music for the first time in three years and perhaps I’m just an overzealous HIM fan but I’m damn sure hoping this means a full-time return very soon. Fingers crossed.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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