It’s absolutely no secret that the past six months have been an absolute bitch from hell as far as losing legendary figures in music. But tonight, on the 21st of April 2016, another trend setting, innovating, icon of our times has sadly passed away and it’s in the form of Prince. Prince is one of the most recognisable stars of the past five decades and has released records in each of them. His music has remained successful as he has transcended cool and where music sometimes falls in and out of fashion, Prince has always been one of those few men that tells us as a public what is cool and what isn’t.

Much like David Bowie who passed away in January he celebrated flamboyance and androgyny whilst blurring the lines between gender and sexuality, as well as constantly reinventing and even renaming himself. Without men and artists like this, the world could be a very different place, primitive and colourless. To accompany this personality and presence he was an incredibly accomplished guitarist and had one of the most versatile and wide vocal ranges of all time. This unbelievable mixture of talents was of course the canvas for which classic tracks like ‘Purple Rain’, ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’, ‘Raspberry Beret’ and ‘Kiss’ amongst countless others.

It’s with extreme sadness that we pay tribute to Prince, and for the foreseeable future, we’ll be playing more than a lot of his amazing discography as well celebrating the life of another iconic figure that will never be replaced or forgotten. RIP the artist formerly and forever known as Prince.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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