Thinking Green



We’re almost at the end of April and already, we’ve been subjected to some of the worst songs we’ve heard. I’ve compiled a short list of some of the main culprits. Listen to these at your own peril because you shouldn’t enjoy them due to being annoying, awful covers or just generally…shit.

7 Years / Lukas Graham

Without doubt, THEE worst song of the year so far and it’s going to take some beating. The song is whiny, irritating and above all; doesn’t make sense. Why at 11 years old would your “daddy” tell you to go and find a wife or else you’ll be lonely. A) I’m pretty sure you can’t marry at 11 and B) Isn’t it still all about the Pogs, Pokémon cards and Beyblades at 11?! How times have changed!

Fast Car / Jonas Blue feat. Dakota

One of the worst covers/samples of any song I’ve ever heard. How is this chart worthy? My mood instantly declines when this is on the radio and I think I’d rather be hit by a “fast car” than put my ears through the torture of hearing this ever again.

I Took A Pill In Ibiza / Mike Posner (Seeb remix)

Nobody cares if you took a pill in Ibiza. The majority of people there are on pills! I once had two Lemsips within a two-hour period; didn’t feel the need to write a song about it though did I!

ANY SONG/ The 1975

Can’t stand The 1975. Never have, never will. They produce the most annoying pop songs that get overplayed and you end up hearing them every day and the lead singer (not even going to waste time Googling his name) has one of the most punchable looking faces. That and his mum is Denise Welch who is sooooooo annoying. Must be a family trait.

Cake By The Sea / DNCE

One of the Jonas Brothers new band or something? Shit band, shitter song. Why would you have cake by the sea? Makes no sense. When you go on holiday, how many people do you see eating an iced finger whilst sunbathing? None. That’s how many. Yes, I’m aware that it’s probably some shit metaphor about sex or something but come on…at least make it sound appetising.

No / Meghan Trainor

The title of this song says it all. Just, NO.

Stitches / Shawn Mendes

Can’t even tell you what this is about. My ears just tune out to the lyrics because they seem shit. Is it about getting stitches at hospital? Or a stitch you get when you do too much running when you really shouldn’t? Your guess is as good as mine.

Say You Do / Sigala

I don’t.

 Choices by Robert Smith(@robertmsmith)