Stereophonics are one of those bands that you don’t truly appreciate until you’ve seen them live. I saw them before when they performed in Lincoln AGES ago but never really appreciated live music like I do nowadays. Thursday 2nd June would see me have another opportunity of seeing the band again and they didn’t disappoint.

We were a little late arriving to the venue due to having an amazing Indian banquet beforehand and as we entered, we managed to witness the last couple of minutes of A Thousand Trees. It sounded perfect and set the tone of the gig up nicely with the crowd in appreciation of such talented musicians. The setlist had a perfect blend of hits and lesser known tracks alike with the former going down an absolute treat. I’m not saying their most recent albums are bad because they’re not but like so many bands, the first few albums will always be appreciated a lot more.

Kelly Jones vocals are perfect both on studio albums and when performing live. Managing to maintain composure whilst a lot of people are singing your songs back to you is no easy feat but he manages perfectly looking like nothing phases him. I did notice throughout the performance that they truly do enjoy being on stage and performing never making things look like a chore which is good to see from a band that have been around for as long as I can remember.


The highlights of the gig for me was hearing Handbags & Gladrags, Just Looking, Mr.Writer and The Bartender & The Thief.

I was starting to worry towards the end of the gig as it looked like they weren’t going to perform Dakota which just so happens to be one of my all time favourite songs in general, not just a favourite from the vast Stereophonics back catalogue. I should’ve been wise to how things were going down and the band launched in to it as their final song. Everyone in attendance sang along to the catchy lyrics whilst the riffs emanated throughout the arena.

With a 28 song setlist, you definitely get your money’s worth as well with barely a chance for a breather other than the slower songs you get to witness.

If you’ve never seen the band live, I urge you to do so at your earliest convenience. You will be far from disappointed and guaranteed to Have a Nice Day. (Sorry. Couldn’t resist at least one pun)


Words by Robert Smith(@robertmsmith)

Full setlist:

  1. C’est La Vie
  2. I Wanna Get Lost With You
  3. Local Boy in the Photograph
  4. A Thousand Trees
  5. Superman
  6. Pick a Part That’s New
  7. I Wouldn’t Believe Your Radio
  8. Maybe Tomorrow
  9. Trouble
  10. Just Looking
  11. Too Many Sandwiches
  12. More Life in a Tramp’s Vest
  13. It Means Nothing
  14. Have a Nice Day
  15. Vegas Two Times
  16. Mr Writer
  17. Violins and Tambourines
  18. Indian Summer
  19. Graffiti on the Train
  20. Sunny
  21. Handbags and Gladrags
    (Chris Farlowe cover)
  22. Song for the Summer
  23. Mr and Mrs Smith
  24. Nothing Precious at All
  25. The Bartender and the Thief
  26. Traffic
  27. White Lies
  28. Dakota

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