Everybody’s favourite late eighties Madchester indie legends, the Stone Roses made an almost mythological return to the music scene recently and incredibly with new material as well. The world of music, fans and artists alike, stood still, eyes wide and waited for them to present us with the new single that would signify the second formation of one of the greatest bands of all time and put them back on the map, at the top of the mountain, open up the indie scene again and get everyone, super-duper excited for the live shows they already had scheduled for 2016. Unfortunately, when they dropped ‘All For One’ on us, not everyone was in love with it and actually heavily disliked their first original material for a very long time. Social media was awash with conflicting opinions but from what I saw, it was more negative than anything and heavily against the brand new single. What a shame right? Personally, I enjoyed the riff and felt like they’d modernised their sound to suit a 2016 audience, and what the hell is wrong with that. Apparently everything according to the diehard fans.

Although, hold on a moment, what’s this coming over the hill? It’s another single, as fast as a hiccup, they’ve released another one straight away and this time it’s all different, people are rejoicing, loving it and celebrating in the streets. Redemption is a beautiful thing, forgiveness by a nation of fans is a beautiful thing, and as you may have already guessed the latest single is called ‘Beautiful Thing’, and I can see exactly why the fans are on board. The sound hasn’t been modernised but without sounding dated at all, they’ve recaptured that classic Stone Roses sound. It’s all there, just like it used to be and perhaps it’d be a bold statement but it could blend into the track listing of either of their classic albums. If you’re a big fan and haven’t heard it already, you should. If you’re not, check it out, give it a listen and see what you think as it might just be the perfect modern introduction to one of our nation’s most adored groups of the past thirty years. Welcome back boys, go get them.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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