Jamie-T-2-433x289Do you recall the dark, desolate years of 2009-2014 when nobody knew what Jamie T was up to or if he was alright? Yeah, me too. They were tough times but after taking the time out for personal reasons following both his parents becoming ill, he burst back on to the scene with the incredible 3rd album, Carry On The Grudge. We then got a brand new EP in 2015, Magnolia Melancholia. It certainly seemed like Jamie was making up for lost time. Now, we’re here in 2016 and he’s treated us to a brand new single seemingly out of nowhere in the form of Tinfoil Boy. Yep, I agree; weird title innit!

Not only is it a weird title but I was surprised to learn that one of the main influences for this track was Rage Against The Machine.

Jamie T using Rage Against The Machine as an influence can’t possibly work can it?

The track opens with the haunting whispers of actress and friend of Jamie’s, Florence Bell. This makes it immediately clear that we’re in for quite a dark track which may be hard to get our heads round after the heavy guitar riffs, licks and heavy percussion we’ve become accustomed to from Wimbledon’s finest export.


Use the life to keep me here. You break your heart to make sure I’m aware


The track is a lot louder and ballsier than the majority of his back catalogue which I imagine if the influence from RATM. When the chorus kicks in however, I sense an Arctic Monkeys type vibe and wonder if he’s perhaps took influence from the Sheffield lads. I could definitely imagine Alex Turner singing it though. I’m liking the change in sound and pace though and look forward to yet further new things from Jamie T.

“It’s times like this I feel tricked into waking up, It’s times like this I feel tricked into waking up. The Tinfoil Boy, boy, boy boy boy boy. He’s a Tinfoil Boy, boy, boy boy boy boy!”

We’re all just hoping that we don’t have to wait too long for it!! Please don’t make us wait half a decade again Jamie!!

Whilst we’re talking about waiting though…where the fuck is Jack Peñate?

Words by Robert Smith(@robertmsmith)


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