I’ve probably done a lot of people’s heads in on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by banging on about David Brent, The Office, Ricky Gervais and now Life On The Road but…it makes a nice change from all the depressing news stories doesn’t it!

With the release of Life On The Road in UK cinemas on August 19th fast approaching, today sees the release of Brent’s first single since political-reggae anthem, Equality Street back in 2013.

first thing you should know, Lady Gypsy is a song about David Brent losing his virginity to, yep…you guessed it, a Lady Gypsy.

The song opens in typical Brent fashion as he sits against a willow, playing the guitar whilst going in to detail about the lady (gypsy) he witnessed whilst she washes her hair. Just like Freelove Freeway, you start to think some of the lyrics are genuinely sweet. Then, the verbal exchange between them occurs and it’s textbook-Brent.

“She laid me down on a bed of heather.
She said, please be careful; this is what I sell.
I said, you’re a hooker? She said, no, I mean the heather.
I sell the heather like a lucky spell.
I said, huh. But to be clear the sex is free?
She said yes. The sex is free, the heather is a pound.
I said, I don’t need no heather and if I did, I would just pick some.
It’s free, it’s growing in the ground”


Other than the trailer we’ve had, this is the first glimpse we get in to the music aspect of the film and if it continues this way, we are all in for a treat and I’ve got a feeling this single will chart much higher than his now classic cover of Simply Red’s If You Don’t Know Me By Now.


The track will feature on the double-vinyl soundtrack released on the same day as the film featuring classic tracks such as Spaceman Came Down, Lady Gypsy and of course everyone’s favourite love song; Freelove Freeway. 

“It’s not gay!”

Just thought, we could convert Red Five, Lincoln in to CHASERS for one night only and just play David Brent and Foregone Conclusion tracks!! See if Brent, Gareth, Tim and Big Keith wanna head down? We can only dream!

And as announced yesterday by Ricky Gervais, THIS is happening!!

Sod’s law that I don’t get paid until Tuesday and it’s guaranteed that these tickets will sell out in mere seconds.


Words by Robert Smith(@robertmsmith)


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