MISSING: Jack Peñate  2012 – Present.

On 19th January 2012, Jack Peñate released No One Lied on his YouTube channel following a 2 year hiatus. It was beautiful and attention grabbing and everything fans had waited for. That 2 year hiatus now seems like a 2 minute one due to the fact that since then, nothing new has been released from the London-based musician.

There’s been hints here and there across his Twitter that he’s back in the studio recording his highly anticipated 3rd album but he’s certainly taking his sweet time about it!

I’ve been planning on doing this blog piece for a while now but always stop as I have the sudden feeling that new music from him may be imminent and prepare myself to review that instead. A year down the line and I’m still wrong. Me writing this won’t make an ounce of difference as to when he decides to release the first single from the album but there’s no harm in trying. I imagine most of the album has been written (you could say Peñ(ate) has been put to paper) and no doubt recorded so I really don’t know what the hold up is. Peñate appears to be a perfectionist though and I imagine we won’t even get the name of the single and album until he’s 100% happy with it but when you’re as talented as him, I believe he could sing the alphabet and the reviews would be nothing but positive.

There was a time where we were waiting to hear from Jack Peñate AND Jamie T but the latter came back in 201 bigger and better than before with nos signs of stopping with his new album Trick being released 2nd September. Mr.Peñate, take note of Mr.T! (Not THAT Mr.T! Fool).

I guess we’ll just have to wait even longer but head back here when the single does drop for my review. One that will definitely be positive and full of joy that Jack’s back.

Until then, here’s some of our favourite Jack Peñate tracks to keep you and I going so we’re not just stood on the platform, torn.







Words by Robert Smith(@robertmsmith)


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