Towards the end of June, Jamie T released Tinfoil Boy from his imminent 4th album, Trick, out on 2nd September. After reviewing it (read it here), I naively believed I’d have to wait until then to hear even more new music from him. It doesn’t often happen but it turns out I was wrong as last night saw Annie Mac debut a new single in the form of Power Over Men.

The thing hits you most throughout the track is in the incredibly catchy riff. Something we’re more than accustomed to throughout Jamie T’s music. I’m not sure if the she eludes to anyone in particular or women in general but with the accompanying image, it just makes me believe it’s about some sort of dominatrix character. In reality, I think it’s just a well-written love-song of sorts.

“She used to make do.
But now she makes men, fall at her feet, weak, their tongues leak.
They try to stop talking cause now they don’t make sense.”


“She walked in, I could say she looked good, I could say she’s just a friend
But that would just be me throwing you off the scent, she’s everything an understatement has.
She’s under my skin.”

Just like Tinfoil Boy did, the track has me excited about listening to the album in full. We don’t have to wait long now and it certainly isn’t going to a five year wait like we had to endure previously so roll on September!

Words by Robert Smith(@robertmsmith)

Don’t forget, tickets are still on sale for the Trick Tour. I’ll see you there!

By there, I mean the Sheffield gig.

Jamie T Tour poster


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