Do you remember when we used to do the Sunday Soundtrack feature on here until our hangovers and Sunday Roasts got in the way of it most weeks and it died on its arse? Well, it’s back. Sort of. We’ve had a brainwave and to give you a taste of what to expect from our monthly indie night, Transmission; there’s a ‘Track Of The Day’ announced daily and we are now going to compile them every Friday for your listening pleasure. That and it’s always good to listen to some brilliant music leading in to the weekend.

If you want bragging rights and want to be in the know then follow the Transmission twitter account, @transmissionL where you can see our daily choices before they’re announced here. So, without further ado, here’s Vol.1 of our Songs For The Weekend.

BlossomsBlossoms / Getaway – Blossoms, 2016

The-Horrors-008 The Horrors / Still Life – Skying, 2011
Interpol / Slow Hands – Antics, 2004
tame impala
Tame Impala / New Person, Same old Mistakes – Currents, 2015
The Strokes / Heart in a Cage – First Impressions of Earth, 2006
mystery jets
Mystery Jets / Bubblegum – Curve of the Earth, 2016
iggy pop
Iggy Pop / Sunday – Post Pop Depression, 2016

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