Summer isn’t around for much longer but if you struggled to find your indie Summer anthem this year, stop your search. The Courteeners have managed to produce the perfect summer anthem, albeit; a little too late.

Celebrating the festival season and summer, this track is classic Courteeners. A love song ladened with guitar riffs and percussion to boot.

“It’s about finding love in the unlikely surroundings of Glastonbury. There’s almost an under-pinning fear about when you’ve got something so good, and you don’t want it to end.”
– Liam Fray

The track is the second taster of what we can expect from their upcoming 5th album, Mapping The Rendezvous and from what we’ve heard so far; I’m actually looking forward to hearing it in full and this surprised me because I genuinely can’t recall the last time I looked forward to ‘a new album by The Courteeners’.

Why? Well, because I strongly believe that when the band are rubbish, they’re really rubbish but when they’re good…they’re one of the best indie bands out there and I feel that they may have finally found their sound with a splatter of the ‘Not Nineteen Forever’ era which is what the band are still well-known and adored for.


“[The period] after the second and third record can be really difficult because you’ve got to prove you can sit at the top table. I feel like we’ve weathered that storm and we might be getting a second opportunity. We feel really lucky to be on our fifth album.”

Words by Robert Smith(@robertmsmith)

Mapping The Rendezvous is available 21st October.

Tickets for the band’s UK Tour are available to purchase 9am, Friday 2nd September.


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