In 2009, Julian Casablancas of The Strokes fame founded his own label in the form of Cult Records with credible artists on board such as Everything Everything, Karen-O, Har Mar Superstar as well as The Strokes and their numerous side-projects. Their latest signing comes in the form of Californian based, The Growlers. Here’s some words about the latest signing…

Friends and digital acquaintances,

We are pleased to welcome California scuzz rockers The Growlers to the Cult family!

Nor gypsy, nor goth, nor surfer, nor punk, yet somehow all of them, they’ve invented and defined the term, style, and concept that’s come to be known as “Beach Goth”

Like Julian (who co-produced the record) has said:

“The Growlers may be the most interesting band in the world, certainly one of the coolest. And we’re super-stoked and honored to release their latest studio album ‘City Club.’”


With so much derivative music and copy cats out there, The Growlers have remained true originals.

City Club is out September 30, 2016! Pre-order your digital copy here and get advance singles!


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