You’ll all certainly know by now that Bastille have returned in 2016 and ahead of their upcoming second album release, they’ve already dropped two brand new singles on us, as well as another non-single release. ‘Wild World’ isn’t available to buy for a few more days yet (9th of September to be exact) but this past week we were treated to ‘Send Them Off!’ which is the third of the three teaser releases prior to the album launch. Previously they had released their big return track, ‘Good Grief’, which was undoubtedly a great return as it was desperately catchy, featured colossal drums and made an emphatic statement that the band were back in dramatic fashion. In fact, where some people, including myself and the rest of Mojo20, Bastille had us drawn in at the beginning of their career with EP’s like ‘Flaws’ and ‘Bad Blood’ but appeared to grow tepid with exposure and success, churning out almost Eurovision like attempts at Coldplay-esque anthems. This recent return has set them straight and despite not being a return to the almost edgy, almost electronic style of their earliest material, it’s pop music done well, it’s big and bold without being tacky and it’ll have dance floors moving in no time.

Until the 9th of September we can’t say much more about the album but ‘Send Them Off!’ is certainly raising the odds of it being a decent return and might even be a cause for celebration upon beating the old difficult second album problem. Right from the beginning it features huge brass parts, with a really unexpected Kanye West feel/influence about it. There’s no ignoring the track when it comes on, and this was evident when Annie Mac played it this week on Radio 1, twice, in a row. The vocal delivery is pretty standard stuff, the same style and patterns we’ve got used to from them, but then again, with a voice like Dan Smith has, which is unmistakable and unique, what else would he want to be doing. It works and always seems to have so why not stick to it? Response to the track seems to have been particularly positive so far and it’s easy to see why. It could do big things, and if the early single releases are doing that then what might the album achieve?

Either way, music is always changing and the scope of indie and contemporary rock n roll looks very different to what it used to, where ten years ago the scene was lead by bands such as The White Stripes, The Cribs, The Strokes & The Libertines, the new frontier may be ran by bands such as Bastille, Blossoms and Catfish and the Bottlemen. Is it a bad thing? Is it a good thing? Only time will tell, but releases like this are just making the reality look that slight bit better.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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