What a time to be alive for a rock n roll fan, as Kings of Leon finally make their big return following a large-scale teaser campaign, promoting the upcoming release of seventh studio album ‘WALLS’ next month. Ahead of this though, we’ve been treated to the first single from the new record and it’s called ‘Waste a Moment’. What do we think of it? Well you’ll have to just keep on reading to find out.

It’s been three years since the genre hopping foursome from the South released ‘Mechanical Bull’, and would you believe it, it’s a massive thirteen years since they released their debut LP ‘Youth and Young Manhood’. Now I guess I can save a lot of time for some of you if I address this early on, but if any of you Kings of Leon indie purists (and I know there’s a lot of you out there) but this isn’t a return to the style of the first two albums. It’s not now and probably never will. I’m sorry. For all of you that have been a fan throughout, despite the ridiculous amount of radio play that ‘Sex on Fire’ received, let’s carry on.

The weirdest thing about this single was that myself and friends all agreed immediately that following the first play, that it was a grower. It was good, but it was possibly going to be a grower. On first inspection it didn’t seem to have anything particularly wonderful about it like many of the comeback classics have before. ‘Supersoaker’ was a fresh, up tempo track with a killer beat and a brand new guitar sound for them. ‘On Call’ remains a household classic, sentimental in parts and yet so catchy in others, and of course we mentioned ‘Sex on Fire’ before and we all know how that all worked out in the end. So I guess it just felt a little bit flat. Maybe even a bit generic and hadn’t blown us away at all like the return promised to do. By the second listen I had no idea where I’d gathered that opinion from and wondered how I’d been so blind as to not fall in love straight away. It’s a truly fantastic song with all the right ingredients in all the right places. A very familiar equation has been used by the looks of things.

Opening up with a strong bass line, following in with that rapid and gritty rhythm guitar, a high-pitched electric lead and an impressive drum roll from Nathan before that all so familiar vocal style of Caleb Followill turns up to introduce us to the first verse. It’s a practiced and proven way of doing things for the boys now and although I’m a big fan of diversity, versatility and range, I’m also a massive fan of KOL and this ideas working and it’s very much their staple sound, so why not reintroduce themselves with this. The vocals are on point and nostalgic. I think that Caleb’s unique style can bring you home, or transport you to another time or mindset just from hearing him for a moment. It’s a big return and if the rest of the album follows its lead it could be a big 2016 for Kings of Leon yet. Welcome back boys. Love you.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)




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