New Kings of Leon songs are likes buses. You wait absolutely ages for one and several come along in quick succession. The first new single came in the form of Waste A Moment which we reviewed and you can read here. Then, second song; Around The World. Last night, the title track, Walls dropped on Zane Lowe’s radio show.

It’s a phenomenal track clearly detailing some heartbreak lead singer, Caleb Followill’s experienced in the past.

When the walls come down;
You tore out my heart, you threw it away
A Western girl with Eastern eyes, took a wrong turn and found surprise awaits.
Now there’s nothing in the way.


That or…it’s about Brad and Angelina.

Or Brangelina if you’re one of those people who uses those annoying couple names.

Anyhow, I’m sure Caleb is well and truly over it now, what with being married to a Victorias Secret model and all. Walls is a stripped back acoustic number which suits me down to a tee as some of my favourite Kings of Leon songs are the acoustic numbers. (Ultimate favorite’s being Wicker Chair and Talahina Sky.) The accompanying video for the track is a simple one featuring a solitary Caleb and his acoustic. This never would’ve happened back in the day during the turbulent years the band went through as they all wanted equal exposure etc but it’s nice to see they can take a step back and let the frontman showcase his talent the best way he knows how.

Walls is a different sound completely to Waste A Moment Around The World which makes me believe they’re going back to their roots with the 7th album with a blend of genre, tempo and meaning throughout. This also means they’ll be something for every KOL fan. Whether you were their from their humble beginnings or only love them for the anthemic Sex Is On Fire.  Either way, I’m glad the band all seem to be on the same wavelength now after the aforementioned turbulent times as they’re one of my favourite “modern” bands and the world is genuinely a better place with them producing music as a unit and not splitting. End of the day, they’re “faaammmiilllyyy” (Eastenders style).

Long live the Leon.

Words by Robert Smith(@robertmsmith)

Walls (the album) drops October 14th.



Track List

1. “Waste A Moment”
2. “Reverend”
3. “Around The World”
4. “Find Me”
5. “Over”
6. “Muchacho”
7. “Conversation Piece”
8. “Eyes On You”
9. “Wild”
10. “WALLS”


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