The world is a buzz at the minute over the announcement that one of the greatest living bands of all time and England’s very own, The Rolling Stones have returned to the studio and have a brand new record, ready for release on December 2nd 2016. For the rock ‘n’ roll world it’s big, but for Rolling Stones fans; it’s an astronomical announcement and only made more exciting by the idea that they’re reaching right back into their roots, their initial inspirations and the music that made them big in the first place over fifty years ago, as the new album is pure Blues.

It’ll be their first studio album release in over a decade and it’s been entitled ‘Blue & Lonesome’. It’s set to feature a whole bunch of new material as well as some covers of classic blues by the likes of legendary performers and influences like Howlin’ Wolf & Little Walter. There’s even word that Eric Clapton is set to feature on the album, which considering Clapton is one of the finest blues guitarists of all time, can only be a massive plus.

Of course, December 2nd is a long way off and we’ll all just have to wait patiently for the release, however, as part of a special pre-order deal, they have made available to us, an exclusive track named ‘Just Your Fool’ and here’s what we think…IT’S AWESOME! Featuring huge amplified blues harmonica, driving us immediately back to tracks like ‘Midnight Rambler’ ‘Love Is Strong’ and ‘Out Of Control’, and holding down that blues swagger that shot them to fame in the sixties with classic blues covers like ‘Little Red Rooster’ it shows that a band already renowned for their longevity has not only outlasted the rest but can do it as well as they did at the beginning and still better than anybody else. It’s basic in lyricism and content and deals, just like the Blues always did, with those relatable, everyday, average issues like being hopelessly in love and the insecurity of losing the one you love most, but it does it all under a danceable rhythm that’d get any bar in any town moving. Also the fact that one of the biggest bands in history, that have accomplished it all and found fame and fortune globally is set to release an album of Blues, the most wonderful and pure genre of music there is.

When you consider all the trials and tribulations the band has seen; the multiple style and sound changes they’ve been through, solo projects for almost each individual member, line-up changes, deaths and even inclusions in contemporary pop (like that nonsense with Will.I.AM) the Stones can reassemble and continue to do what they do best, what they love most and do it all in front of a universal audience, consistently solidifying them as the most dominant force in rock ‘n’ roll, blues, music, British culture and the 20th and 21st centuries. God bless the Stones and roll on December to hear what else is in store.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)

cufiqrow8aaigsi01 Just Your Fool
02 Commit A Crime
03 Blue And Lonesome
04 All Of Your Love
05 I Gotta Go
06 Everybody Knows About My Good Thing
07 Ride ‘Em On Down
08 Hate To See You Go
09 Hoo Doo Blues
10 Little Rain
11 Just Like I Treat You
12 I Can’t Quit You Baby


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