“Oi Smith! Why’s it taken you so long to review the new Two Door Cinema Club album?!”

Something that’s no doubt been said non-stop by visitors to this site since the album, Gameshow was released this past Friday. Probably. Well, wonder no more…it’s taken me this long because a) I’ve been enjoying it too much and b) I’ve been mega grown up recently and currently in the process of buying a house. (Don’t worry, I will be using this as a throwaway piece within the next week).

A third reason it’s taken me so long to review the album is because I love the opening track which also served as the first single and find myself having this on repeat as opposed to going through the album. I reviewed that when it came out so read my views on Are We Ready?(Wreck) here.

Bad Decisions. Clearly a song about looking back at past mistakes, growing up and reflecting on life. Mega deep if you think of it this way. With this and the accompanying funky back beat; it makes for a decent song. Definitely a foot tapper. Things get way funkier throughout the album though. More on that later.

Nothing ordinary about Ordinary. The band as a whole has matured over the past few years, physically with Alex Trimble’s hair but also musically. This isn’t ordinary Two Door and yep…we have further examples of the funk build-up. Title track now and Gameshow is a winner. It’s bold, confident and has a really catchy chorus. Not 100% sure what it’s about but it doesn’t matter. A good song’s a good song, clear meaning or not. Trimble does go on about not being wanted lots though. Sounds like a mega depressing gameshow if you ask me. Probably be fronted by Ben Shephard. He’s enough to depress anyone.

Mid-way point with Lavender and that funk I mentioned earlier…in the words of Dave Benson Phillips…”crank it up!”. This track has a Prince/Hot Chip vibe about it and that’s a vibe I’m more than game(show) for. Catchy as hell too. In its build up, you’d expect Fever to be an extremely guitar heavy, deep, broody, meaningful song but this isn’t the case. We build up to more funk and what sounds like Trimble doing impression of Prince. I can’t be sure but I think the band were highly influenced by the late, godlike prince when producing this album. If this is the case, it’s a great tribute.

Invincible is probably one of the strongest pieces of evidence for the band experimenting and having a new-found sense of fun in producing music. The band no longer take themselves seriously and are willing to explore new avenues. This synth-heavy track is great. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a future single to showcase their new direction off. Good Morning is classic Two Door. Guitars? Check. High and low vocals? Check? Synths? Check. Great tune? Obviously. A great modern-day love song without sounding too lovey-dovey which Two Door always seem to do well.

We’re “going under” with penultimate track, Surgery. If I thought tracks on the previous songs were funky…this is FUNK CENTRAL. So many synths. And like most the album, SO catchy. The name makes me think the songs about change which, this band have definitely undergone leading up to this album. Not a bad change though. Je Viens De La. *dusts off the GCSE French. C grade if you’re bothered* Yeah, as I suspected; this translates as I Come From There. Deep. No idea why they’ve gone all French on us for the last track title but it’s a nice little song. The funk-o-meter has died down a little but it’s still there. From the translated title, I reckon the songs about never forgetting where you come from. Literal or musically, I’m not sure. But a nice little ending to one of the bands now strongest albums.

I’ve seen Two Door Cinema Club live before and they were excellent. If you can, do try to go yourself. I saw them when they were a bunch of shy guys; seeing them during this confident period will be nothing short of an absolute treat.

Words by Robert Smith(@robertmsmith)




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