DMA’S cover of Cher’s Believe has recently gone viral of sorts, creating a new sound buzz around the Australian band. It’s a phenomenal cover and the way I discovered the band. We’ll have an interview with the band here on soon but until then, check out the cover version below.

I was fully aware of triple j’s ‘Like a Version’ segment (think Radio 1’s Live Lounge but really really good) before the hype surrounding this and found it to be a great way of discovering new bands. After speaking with Stuart, I realised he loved it just as much. Here’s some of our favourites so far…

Rob’s (@robertmsmith) choices:

City Calm Down / Spanish Sahara (Foals)

City Calm Down are probably one of my favourite finds from the Like A Version series and their cover of a Foals anthem is flawless. Not only is Spanish Sahara my favourite Foals track but features in my top 10 songs of all time list. This cover version is just as emotive the original and is it just me or does lead singer Jack Bourke sound VERY VERY Bowie-esque??

Chvrches / Do I Wanna Know? (Arctic Monkeys)

Chvrches put their infamous sound and spin on an Arctic Monkeys banger. The use of the aforementioned infamous electro sound changes the direction of the song yet at the same time, maintains its passion and meaning. Hearing it from a girls perspective changes its tone significantly though. In a good way.

Milky Chance / Shake It Off (Taylor Swift)

First things first, I’m a Taylor Swift fan. I can’t help it. Her songs are catchy as fuck. If I hear Shake It Off by her though, I hate it. Why? Because to me; this is the true version. It gives the song a whole new meaning and is far more emotive. It’s stripped back rawness adds layers of dimension on to it. That and I’m a big fan of Milky Chance after stumbling across them at Leeds Festival 2014 and this really showcases their natural talents as musicians. Just gonna go listen to this 20 or so times then come back for my final two choices!!

Foals / Daffodils (Mark Ronson)

Not necessarily a Mark Ronson fan as such but I did enjoy Daffodils. Mainly as it was featuring Kevin Parker from Tame Impala (you’d think we were sponsored by Tame Impala during this post). Foals make the track even more passionate and if possible…funkier. Foals could literally cover anything and it would sound great though. Literally, anything. I want to hear their cover of the Eastenders theme or something.

The Belligerents / Praise You (Fatboy Slim)

I knew of The Belligerents before their cover of this brilliant Fatboy Slim track. The band are a lot of fun despite their taste in their questionable psychedelic clothing. I’m just jealous I couldn’t pull that shirt off really. The band’s energy just makes you want to get up and dance. Check out some of their music videos and you’ll feel the same way. You’ll also at times feel like your watching an episode of The Mighty Boosh. Which, isn’t a bad thing at all.

Stu’s (@mojo20_music) choices:

Arctic monkeys / Feels Like We Only Go Backwards (Tame Impala) 

Sheffield’s favourite cheeky chappy, Alex Turner takes to the acoustic guitar to bring us a Tame Impala classic, smothered with a strong British edge that completely transforms the song and somehow makes it so much more accessible. If they released this cover as a single it’d not only be huge but it’d throw Tame Impala even further into the realms of being one of the planets best loved rock bands.

Ngaiire / The Less I know The Better (Tame Impala)

You may be wondering why Tame Impala’s name keeps cropping up on this feature and then some of you will already know that it’s an Australian feature and their one of Australia’s finest musical exports currently. Future soul songstress performed an awesome, stripped down version of Less I know The Better with a massive group behind her, making a bassy, fun and sexy track, even more cool, even more interesting and even more sexy.

RUFUS – My Number (Foals)

One of our favourite indie dance acts, RUFUS took hold of this Foals classic and put their own flavour on it, as cliché and X-factor as it sounds, made it entirely their own. It could have slipped straight onto their album Atlas, which was my favourite album of 2014, and blended in perfectly. It features signature synths and dreamy vocals, transforming the track entirely. You can see our 2013 interview with RUFUS right here.

Little Dragon / Millonaire (Kelis & Andre 3000)

A lot of these covers are great because the song gets changed entirely and the style of the artist takes over, leaving us with a perfectly disfigured end product. Little Dragon didn’t conform to this trend as much on this Kelis & Andre 3000 cover and it actually makes it great. They stick pretty much to playing it how it originally was but also use this as a chance to show off their talent and proficiency when it comes to creating music.

Lisa Mitchell – Zombie (Jamie T)

Singer songwriter Lisa Mitchell managed to take Jamie T’s 2014 track, Zombie and turn it into a playfully beautiful, beachside acoustic number. With nothing more than an acoustic guitar and a cowbell, which she managed to use in such obscure manners, even from blowing into it to create the introduction. Pretty amazing.






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