Thinking Green



It’s finally here!! The full trailer for the highly anticipated sequel to one of the best films ever.

The idea of Trainspotting 2 has been around for ages with each mention creating more hype about the possibility of it finally happening. It feels like ages since Danny Boyle confirmed the script was complete and filming was scheduled to begin. Today saw the trailer being officially released to the world and fuck…it looks brilliant. With our favourite characters Renton/Rent Boy, Spud, Sick Boy and Franco all returning, there’s no way this film isn’t going to be just as good as its predecessor.

Whenever people hear Born Slippy by Underworld, they no doubt think of Trainspotting and unsurprisingly the trailer begins with this track whilst Ewan McGregor (Rent Boy) delivers an updated version of his now infamous “choose life” monologue.

‘Choose life, choose Facebook, choose Twitter and hope that someone, somewhere cares’

Born Slippy isn’t the only song in the trailer though with Silk by Wolf Alice being used in the second half of the trailer. I kind of wish I hadn’t watched the trailer this early on because it’s now going to be a long long wait to 27th January when the film is released. Until then, I’m off to read the book and watch the film multiple times. Oh, and watch this trailer loads more. Or should that be “Choose the book, choose the first film and choose the trailer”?

Words by Robert Smith(@robertmsmith)