After being teased for the past couple of months with snippets of “new material”, today finally sees a brand new track from the indie-electro giants, The XX. This is the first full song we’ve had from the band since their second album, Coexist way back in 2012.

On Hold is excellent and I’m more than pleased this Wandsworth three-piece are back. Saying that, they never really went away as I’ll often revisit xx and Coexist. Both of these albums are flawless in their production, sound, message and delivery. I’ve also always loved a bootleg album someone created where they’ve mixed The XX with Notorious B.I.G songs. The idea sounds absurd and definitely doesn’t sound like it’d work but the blending of these two artists is sublime and well worth a google to try find it. Anyhow, I digress; back to On Hold…

This track is a perfect blend of electro, guitar, haunting vocals and an uplifting backbeat. Textbook The XX. The root of the song is clearly a love song but it’s not sad in the slightest due to the aforementioned backbeat and electro. We’re in the penultimate month of the year and it’s come quite late to the table but I think this might be my favourite song of the year. Without getting all fangirl over The XX, it’s just a beautifully phenomenal piece of music. Like their previous stuff; absolutely flawless.

The new album, I See You,  has been described as “more outward-looking, open and expansive”. I personally feel the band has always been outward-looking, open and expansive so I’m really eXXcited to hearing the album in full. Until then, this new track will have to suffice my indie-electro needs.
Never mind On Hold, this one is going On Repeat.

Words by Robert Smith(@robertmsmith)

‘I See You’ will be released 13th January 2017. Full tracklisting is as follows:

xxiseeyoualbumartwork1. ‘Dangerous’
2. ‘Say Something Loving’
3. ‘Lips’
4. ‘A Violent Noise’
5. ‘Performance’
6. ‘Replica’
7. ‘Brave For You’
8. ‘On Hold’
9. ‘I Dare You’
10. ‘Test Me’



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