Holy Holy are back with a brand new single, Elevator. Currently in the middle of a national tour, it’s been a very successful year for the Australian two-piece.

Elevator is crammed with arpeggiated synth complimented perfectly by strong guitar riffs and a chorus that hasn’t left my head since I first heard it. Of the track, lead guitarist, Oscar Dawson says:

“I can’t recall how it germinated, but before we knew it we were playing this same two chords, over and over.  And it built from there, like a conversation; starting softly, then bouncing around to become louder and louder… It had been caught on a phone when we were touring in Europe, and back in Australia we put it together and decided that, in fact, it is a song.”

After hearing and falling in love with Darwinism (read our review here) I was hoping that others would join me on the bandwagon. I believe some people did but I think this new track will be filling up the spare seats in no time. I don’t want to have to say “I told you so” when their new album drops so just take my word for it now and get involved before the band and aforementioned bandwagon begins their journey into the big time.

Like an elevator, this band is ascending into one of the best bands around at the minute. (Apologies for this awful pun!)

Words by Robert Smith(@robertmsmith)

Paint is due for release Spring 2017.  All album pre-orders will receive ‘Darwinism’ and ‘Elevator’ instantly.

Pre-order: PAINT 


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