We recently got a chance to catch up with up and comers and psych-rock darlings Desert Mountain Tribe. After a stacked out European tour and critical acclaim by all the right people, we caught up with them to see what’s been going on? Mojo20 has a first-class ticket for the bandwagon, and we suggest you grab one too…. enjoy.


Mojo20: So how’s it going lads, where in the world are you right now?

DMT: Hey, we are going great. We just returned to London after having been to the studio for a week to record a couple of tracks that will hopefully be released early next year!

Mojo20: Let’s start at the beginning, how did the three of you come together and what was your start on the music scene?

DMT: Philipp and Felix are brothers and met Jonty through our old band Young Men Dead. Our YMD guitarist Andrew remembered hearing Jonty sing at some party so he asked him if he wanted to join the band. After YMD split up we formed Desert Mountain Tribe and now here we are. I think our first ever gig was in October 2012 at the Victoria in Dalston…

Mojo20: You’re nearing the end of what seems to have been an awesome European tour. How’s it been, what was your favourite venue and what was your tour highlight so far?

              DMT: It has been and still is an amazing tour again. Playing live and being on the road is the best part of the job. As far as this tour is concerned, one of the highlights has been in Rotterdam. The venue (V11) was a boat and the crowd and sound were outstanding.

 Mojo20: The 18th of November signifies the end of the tour. What’s the plan after that? A well-deserved break?

DMT: Actually we just got a couple of more dates in supporting Reef, so we will be on the road for another week or so but we are looking forward to those dates. As I mentioned earlier, we just recorded a few new tracks which will have to be mixed and need some work in the post production so that will keep us busy as well. Over the Christmas period and new years we will have a couple of weeks off before we go back on the road.

Mojo20: Your debut album ‘Either That or the Moon’ was released earlier this year. How has the response been?Image result for desert mountain tribe either that or the moon

DMT: The response has been generally very positive. It’s interesting to be in the spotlight like this and find comments about your work online by critics or ‘normal’ music fans who write reviews on iTunes or Amazon. We don’t really take reviews to heart though and it doesn’t influence the way we work and go about writing songs for the next record.

Mojo20: Amongst all the touring and releasing records, you seem to have dominated the festival world this year. Which one was the best and did you make any new celebrity friends in the music world?

DMT: During festival’s you don’t really make contact to ‘bigger’ bands. Mostly they rush in and out just before and right after the show, so the big fun and band comradery is happening between the up and coming bands who still appreciate the whole atmosphere behind the scenes at a festival. Our favourite festivals this year were without a doubt Rockaway Beach Festival in Bognor Regis and Barbarie in Switzerland. One was outdoor, the other indoor and two completely different crowds but both unique and fun in their own rights.

Mojo20: There seems to be a lot of buzz about the band at the minute, especially in the Psych world, where even Steve Lamacq has shown his love and support for you guys, amongst others. How has the support helped the band’s progression and is it all going in the direction you’d hoped?

DMT: Of course the support has helped us. At then end of the day we can only grow if more people listen to our music. So the more people cover us the more people will eventually stumble across us, listen to and hopefully buy our record and then come to see us play live. It’s the only way to grow really if you wanna do it organically.


Mojo20: I can see a few different genres creating the DMT sound. Who are your influences and what other bands are you listening to at the minute?

DMT: We all have slightly different influences and bands we listen to which is why our sound is so broad. If it was only Jonty, or only Felix or only Philipp, the band would sound completely different. Since we write most parts of the songs together, what you hear is the mix of our different tastes. Some bands we all like at the moment are Holy Wave, Goat and Lorelle Meets the Obsolete.

Desert Mountain Tribe can be experienced live on the following dates:

                                         18/11/16               ELECTROWERKZ, London

19/11/16               WIGHTMAN THEATRE, Shrewsbury

24/11/16               BRUDENHALL SOCIAL CLUB, Leeds

25/11/16               THE PICTUREDROME, Holmfirth

26/11/16               THE ENGINE SHED, Lincoln

08/12/16               THE ASSEMBLY, Leamington Spa

09/12/16               CENTRAL STATION, Wrexham

Desert Mountain Tribe (@DMTribe) was speaking to Mojo20′s Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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