Our amazingly talented, creative and beautiful friends Aron Breen (AKA House of Good) and Faye Isaac have today opened the doors to their new store, ANNUAL.


Initially set up by Faye with an online presence, things started to boom for the company meaning they could now venture into having this, the physical shop. Selling an array of fantastic clothes, toys and crafts for children; it promises to offer an alternative to your standard Primark clothes and Toys R Us items.

If you’re venturing to Lincoln Christmas Market at any point over the weekend, ensure you venture down the hill and pop in to visit the store. 

Not only are the products on offer of the finest quality but Faye and Aron are two of the nicest people on this planet making this one shopping trip you and perhaps more importantly, your child, will enjoy. I envisage you’ll be wanting to return again and again. Get ANNUAL on your WEEKLY shopping trip.

In there our own words, here’s the story of ANNUAL:

Founded in 2013, ANNUAL is a product of motherhood, a passion for unique design and an exploration into making the world for children stimulating and fun.

We’ve discovered and collected some pioneering brands that have strong vision and environmental awareness in the world of children’s design. They widen the stereotypical spectrum of blues and pinks and provide a neutral playground and wardrobe for your child.

We haven’t just chosen these things to keep your little ones quiet. Every product offers longevity from the quality materials used, eco-awareness, design flair and clever function. Each item has been chosen because it serves a purpose; to entertain, to educate or to encourage your child’s individuality.

Dress with personality, read and learn, play and discover or decorate with unique design with ANNUAL.

46-48 GRANTHAM STREET, Lincoln, LN2 1LW

Words by Robert Smith(@robertmsmith)


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