The first point to take note of in this writing is that, Nelly Furtado is back and set to release her next LP in 2017. Surely that’s worth celebrating immediately, before even having heard this track. Furtado has always had the knack, like few others, to consistently hangs and evolve, remaining fresh and bringing with her upon returning, an element of excitement and intrigue. Whether it be her beginnings in the late nineties, appearing as an earthy and bohemian combination of Alanis Morrisette and Norah Jones, or her stunning return in 2006 as a sexy, powerful reinvention of herself, becoming what I assume Christina Aguilera was meant to be earlier in the decade but ended up just looking a bit like a mucky hooker.


It would appear that once again, Nelly has adapted and evolved and at 38 years old looks stylish and cool in the video for newest teaser track ‘Pipe Dreams’ which is set to be a part of the aforementioned 2017 album release, ‘The Ride’. The music video appears to be an artistic and edgy VHS recording of Nelly, knocking about a house a bit near some mirrors and that, looking edgy. The track appears at first to be equally as artistic, repeating the title on most lines but with an endearing, minimalist backing track. It sounds very current and blends well with most of this years top commercial releases but whilst keeping away from the obnoxious and arrogant subject matter and delivery that most of Radio 1’s champions of 2016 failed to do, I my eyes anyway. The vocals are silky throughout and despite a different style, recognisable. The track builds in tempo and continues to add various layers, from organs to backing vocals. It’s certainly one of those that on first listen, remains different and unique but by the end, has you wondering what you just heard, before finally accepting it as a pretty cool tune.

I’m not saying I’ve ever been a massive Nelly Furtado fan, I remember when she first rose to commercial success and finding her very different to anyone out there at the time. I also remember her mid 2000’s return and being impressed by her level of reinvention. I feel the same now and I’m interested to see how the release of further material, including the album, is going to be handled. Nice work Nelly, nice work.

Still love that she called her first album ‘Woah Nelly!’, Brilliant.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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