So, this time of the year; we find that there’s not much coming out in terms of new music as we’re forcefed the usual Christmas “anthems” on the radio, in the streets and everywhere we turn. It just gets a bit too much sometimes. Looking to escape the likes of Slade, Mariah Carey and East 17; I delved in to the undergrowth of YouTube to see what new music had been released in the past month or so. I noticed that The Twang, most recognised for Either Way or Barney Rubble had released a Christmas track On the 24th…

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of the band and unfortunately, they never really had the major breakthrough they perhaps wanted but they still have a very loyal fan base however so fair play to them for that. I’ve seen the band live before and putting it lightly, the venue was full of absolute knobheads if I’m being brutally honest but still, a fan base is a fan base right? This being said, I hesitantly pressed the play button on this new track expecting to shift my focus on some funny cat video half way through. Well, as much as I love a good YouTube cat video, I found myself being immersed in to the passion and talent of The Twang. A sentence I never thought I’d write, a feeling I never thought I’d feel. Have I had too much mulled wine or is this a Christmas miracle?!


Doing a little research, I discovered that this track had actually been written in 2014, telling the tale of a young man dealing with the struggles of life eventually building up to a huge Christmas classic. I’m still incredibly surprised by how much I actually like this track. Like, I’m really close to revisiting The Twang’s back catalogue to see if I finally see something that I may have missed the first time round. Phil Etheridge’s voice is eerily similar in parts of this track to some of my favourite artists in Jamie T, Orlando Weeks (The Maccabees) and my latest favourite Tommy O’Dell of DMA’s.

I just want to point out that this is definitely not a paid review piece, I’m genuinely finding myself enjoying this new track from The Twang. It’s certainly my favourite new Christmas song to come out of 2016 and will always beat all these new covers that Kylie Minogue has done recently that our local radio station LincsFM seem to absolutely adore. Anyhow, don’t take my word(s) for it, check out On the 24th below…


Words by Robert Smith(@robertmsmith)


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