In a year that will always be marred by tragic and untimely loss in the music world, 2016 will always be remembered as the year that took so much more than it gave. We saw icons like Prince, David Bowie, George Michael and Leonard Cohen all pass away, long before they should have, but leaving behind legacies that may never be replicated or equalled.

Then Honey G shows up on the X-Factor.


A middle class woman from West London with a cap and sunglasses on entered the out of date TV talent show, making out she was a rapper or in her words, “a genuine urban artist” despite having no talent or ability, in any genre. She didn’t win the show but with the ITV traditions knack of making the winner as forgettable as possible, it might have been a saving grace if she had won. Be that as it may, the winner normally receives as their prize, a tepid and slow-moving music career before face planting into obscurity, but not before releasing a Christmas single in an attempt to become that year’s Christmas number one, a feat that’s been increasingly harder for the X Factor to achieve since Rage Against the Machine boycotted the concept and stole the number one spot in 2009. However, Honey G and her incredibly cheesy, cringe inducing personality somehow grabbed enough attention to receive a record contract with Simon Cowell’s label Syco, and she was also thrown into contention for the number one spot, Christmas 2016 as she released her awful debut single ‘The Honey G Show’ which features repetitive lyrics and absolutely zero musical talent. Whether she was a plant by the X-Factor to boost ratings and even hedge their bets when it came to taking the top spot, is sort of immaterial, it’s crap and it’s just treating us all like mugs.

But for one last final act in 2016, to cap off an otherwise tragic and terrible year, the fine British public banded together and decided to NOT buy her single and she landed firmly and finally at 149 on the UK chart.

Incredibly embarrassing for the “artist” and perhaps even more so for Mr.Cowell who will be likely to forget all about her now, and everything can return to normal.

Is it a sign that the British people are done with this nonsense? We want good music. We refuse to lose legends, one after another and continue to wave goodbye to a time when music was innovative and it meant something, and it took the country by storm, breeding sub cultures, scenes and waves of fandom that we’ve not felt in decades, and let them be replaced with this sort of over gimmicked, fake bulls shit. If you say Honey, we’ll just turn it off and throw on some Bowie, as we patiently await the next, big, credible artist that’ll make us fall in love with them for their passion, talent and innovation in the business we call music.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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