What wonderful news it is to have seen that physical purchases of vinyl records have shot up to the highest point in a quarter of a decade. Vinyl has been on the up and up for quite a while now, becoming fashionable and sought after again, years after technology attempted to eliminate it entirely and make way for CD’s, digital downloads and streaming services.

Since becoming a trend of its own to find, purchase and collect vinyl records, the music industry has completely changed with well over 3 million LP’s being sold last year, which has been recorded as a 53% increase on the year before, and a much larger figure than any year since the early nineties. In a bitter-sweet twist, the untimely deaths of music legends like David Bowie have been responsible for last year’s rise, and it’s Bowie that found the most success in this as his last album ‘Blackstar’, released in January 2016 only days before his passing, has sold more copies than any other album, whilst his previous albums also sold incredibly well as fans and mourners alike went out of their way to pay homage to the icon.

It’s an amazing twist in the progression of musical format and over the past decade, the rebirth of vinyl has grown and grown, also encouraging artists to release brand new LP’s on 12 inch vinyl as a standard. Even Justin Bieber released his last album, ‘Purpose’ on vinyl, which if his influence on youth culture is anything to go by, may have also made quite a difference. Of course, as well as younger music fans adhering to the latest trends, the original, older generations have come out to top up their record collections, dragging them back out of the loft for another spin.

At Mojo20, we’ve always championed vinyl records, as we firmly believe in spending your money in the physical embodiments of music, and being able to take away as much from your purchase as you can. As handy as downloads are, I’ll never forget when I first started buying CD’s in the early 2000’s, getting home to put them on, sitting by the stereo and playing an album in its entirety whilst studying the album sleeve and lyrics to each track. It
was full immersion, and escapism at its finest in the same way people use films and books.

Downloads and streams are fine, but appear so disposable and there have been multiple albums I’ve downloaded and then never really got to know, while at the same time I know every inch of every record and CD in my collections at home. People are asking for more. They want more for their money and they want the real thing, and it just so turned out, it was always here, waiting to be rediscovered.

You can find our 2013 podcast interview with record store owner, Back to Mono club night founder and our friend Jim Sonic, right here where we talk about the resurgence of vinyl and why and how it’s got become so prominent again.


You can also visit Back to Mono record shop at 18 Guildhall Street in Lincoln, every day from 10am until 17.30pm, so pop in or go check it out online at any of these social media outlets….

Twitter: @backtomonoshop

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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