We spoke the other day about how the dreadful Honey G was kept from the UK Christmas number spot, as was the winner of the 2016 X Factor, Matt Terry (think that was his name, not looking it up). Instead the number one spot belonged to Cambridge three-piece, Clean Bandit, as part of a seven week stint at the top. The classical-dance crossover outfit has been relatively polarising as an act since making it huge in 2014 following the success of their breakout track ‘Rather Be’. This featured an unknown Jess Glynne, but was far from their debut track. When Mojo20 discovered, and reported on the release of ‘Rather Be’ in late 2013, we fell in love with the track and thought we’d found our new favourite band… all this time later and after having the cringe inducing Jess Glynne feature on multiple more tracks, tepid cameos by X-Factor winners and Sean Paul and the absorption of any credibility when they were featured on a Joey Essex compilation CD.

However, before making it into the mainstream, in the days we thought they were great, they’d released some brilliant, promising material and featured incredible underground talent. Here’s Mojo20’s favourite, Clean Bandit:

Dust Clears feat Noonie Bao (2013)

A+E feat Kandaka Moore & Nikki Cislyn (2012) 

Rather Be feat Jess Glynne (2014)

UK Shanty (2013)

Rihanna feat Noonie Bao (2013)



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