Today would’ve been David Bowie’s 70th birthday and there’s numerous events happening across the world (and no doubt somewhere in space) to celebrate but the most exciting has to be the release of a brand new EP featuring tracks written for the Lazarus musical. These tracks were released on the soundtrack to the musical but have never been released as a stand alone before.

We kick off with Lazarus itself which featured on the Blackstar album however hearing it almost one year on since Bowie’s passing, the “feels” are still very much there as hindsight reminds you that all of the signs were then throughout his crafting on the brilliant final album and his final farewell to fans.

No Plan is a beautiful balled-esque track and one that has an ironic name due to the fact that we know Bowie had lots of plans. The aforementioned final album was a big plan in itself with his artistic farewell and secrets of the vinyl artwork still churning out hidden messages and cool little features. We get an accompanying music video with this one as well which is an almost homage to The Man Who Fell To Earth with a nod to main character Thomas Newton within the shop name Newton Electrical. The ending of the video features space travel serving as a fitting final goodbye from the Starman himself.

Killing a Little Time is still very much Bowie but it’s Bowie like you’ve never heard him before. The opening could be mistaken for a Slipknot song if you didn’t know better. I get an angry vibe throughout the song which makes me personally believe that this is Bowie’s song to cancer essentially saying “Fuck you!”. If this is the case, it’s heartbreaking yet reassuring at the same time knowing that he wasn’t perhaps scared of his fate but had come to embrace it and therefore was using what time he had to do what he does best, write flawless music.

When I Met You is the final track from this EP and what an ending. Building up to one of the most catchy songs I’ve heard in a while, it’s brilliant. It’s got an indie rock vibe about it and is a subject matter that we all know, finding personal acceptance through the love of another.

If this EP is the final gift from David Bowie on what would’ve been his 70th birthday then…I’m very grateful. Happy Birthday Starman. Gone but never ever forgotten.

Words by Robert Smith(@robertmsmith)



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