So 2017 is in full swing and new music is riding the airwaves, changing the landscape of TV and radio from its younger brother, 2016. Now, the first and only real claim for new, yet to be established artists may be the BBC sound of awards, and all of the nominations, plus the top 5 and of course the winner have a claim to being the future of the music scene and it’ll all begin in the year to come. Before that though, there’s a lot of the UK’s biggest bands, still heavily on the scene and standing front and centre in the new music scene. Case and point, Bastille have released their third single from their second album ‘Wild World’, released last September, and it follows up a tremendous return as ‘Good Grief’ and ‘Send Them Off!’ did great commercially and gathered a great case for a successful return and brilliant second album.

So ‘Blame’ was released mid December and I suppose, for many, it fell through the cracks at first due to a busy Christmas schedule and the inevitable reissuing of all those bloody Christmas songs we’re forced to endure each and every year. But in the beginnings of 2017, it has received the attention and opportunity it could have been afforded at any other time of year. Thank goodness as well, because a single release of this quality is an asset to the band and the album, and to be ignored would be nothing more than a shame. It features the loud, grand and epic sounds that Bastille have always produced, and isn’t a far departure from any of their other material, aside from heavier drums and a grungier guitar sound than normal. It has a darker and less danceable tone than the singles before it, but even that minor departure helps it stand alone. It certainly has none of the overtly grand, almost Eurovision-esque sound of their debut album. It does have an odd music video though and I’m not even going to begin to dissect that. It’s one of those accompanying videos, that picks the song apart for the sake of performance and I’ve never been a fan of that. Still, check it out on YouTube anyway; just don’t expect it to accentuate the song in any way.

We’ve spoken before about how the indie scene has changed and the sound, style, presentation of it is a far cry from that of the early to mid 2000’s, and I believe Bastille to be one of the bands sat at the top of the mountain when it comes to running that change. But an open mind and a will to enjoy, opens a lot of doors, and it’s always more fun to accept change than to complain that “It’s nothing like the old days”, so to Bastille, I say keep it up!

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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