The somewhat odd pairing of legendary, punk pioneer Iggy Pop and producer extraordinaire Danger mouse have released their Golden Globe nominated soundtrack for 2016 western, Gold starring Matthew McConaughey, and it’s a dark and brilliant experience. Iggy Pop released his 17th solo studio album, discounting his works with band The Stooges, back in early 2016 and ‘Post Pop Depression’ not only showed us how well Iggy can collaborate but that he’s aging like a fine wine, always getting better and always adapting his style to create fantastic music.

Gold’ features very low, very slow and features snarling vocals, aiming towards a more conversational style than melodic and sounding a lot like the late, great Leonard Cohen at times. It’s immersed in western themes to suit the movie whilst being dark and edgy but with a refreshing yet down tempo backing track by Danger mouse, reminiscent of his collaborative effort with Jack White & Daniele Luppi (which if you haven’t heard, I suggest you do yourself a favour). It shouldn’t be surprise to anybody that a pairing like this could be created. In fact Iggy & Danger mouse have worked together before, most notably in 2009 for Iggy’s ‘I Want to go to The Beach’ track. But not only that, but between these two men, there can’t be many people they haven’t worked with. Danger mouse has worked with and produced for the likes of The Black Keys, Jay-Z, MF Doom & Gorillaz as well as being one half of Gnarls Barkley with CeeLo Green. Whilst Iggy Pop has been known to create music with such names as Greenday, Sum 41, Josh Homme from Queens of the Stoneage, The Teddybears and of course David Bowie. So odd pairings and extravagant collaborations aren’t anything new from these two, but what a pairing they are.

Check out the track and here’s hoping for more from both men in the near future…

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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