Post-punk, Hull based four-piece, LIFE have not long finished touring as main support for Slaves and 2016 seemed to be one hell of a year for them as they continue to ascend to bigger and more amazing things. However as 2017 begins and the turbulent political world around us continues to grow more twisted and terrifying by the day, we need a hero. A voice that stands against all that’s corrupt in the world and the megalomaniacs that front this inevitable disaster. LIFE have answered the call with new single release ‘Euromillions‘ and if I was Donald Trump; I’d be backing down.

The ominous tone and cynical lyrics are the forefront of the song, presented as a commentary to life or an instruction manual for what you as the powerless are allowed to do under the rule of millionaires and instigators of war. It tears apart the pre installed British values that we’re told to hold and it sarcastically illustrates the patronising way in which we’re led to believe that what we’re told to do and how we’re meant to live is what’s best for us. It’s pretty brutal. But it’s also the sentiment of a lot of people around the world right now. Well done to LIFE for putting it so well.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)



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