One of the most exciting indie, alt rock bands of the past decade have returned with brand new music in the form of the disco-esque ‘I Give You Power’. It features the legendary vocals of Mavis Staples, who at 77 years old is still performing and creating fantastic music, with her iconic gospel/soul vocal style, and what an exciting and unique collaboration it is to see the Chicago soul giant, alongside the Canadian indie powerhouse. But is it what Arcade Fire fans have been waiting for?

screen-shot-2017-01-22-at-19-00-23The tracks particularly minimalist, and concentrates on synths and beats, specifically crafted to create an almost eighties feel to it. Not a sound I’d normally associate with Mavis Staples, or even Arcade Fire for that matter but with the rise in popularity that the eighties is seeing, it’s possibly a wise idea. Arcade Fire’s last album, the 2013 success ‘Reflektor’ saw a change in direction for them as they concentrated on more electronic beats and experimental sounds, and this may just be the next evolution. The song features a subtle nod to the political state of the USA, mainly the newly elected president Donald Trump (as most releases at the minute are) but what’s interesting is that lead singer Win Butler has openly stated that Staples, who is a renowned name in the Civil rights movement helped to guide and teach Butler all about the subject, leasing to the tracks recording almost a year ago. With the past week’s events, now may have been the perfect time to unleash it.

It appears to be a divisive new release for existing fans, but the substance is there and the intent is, perhaps not clear, but important. They haven’t made any statements towards this being a sign of more music to follow, or a new record, but I guess we can all hope. Stay with to find out more.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)



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