Fleetwood Mac are a household name, and widely known as one of the UK’s most legendary and iconic groups of all time, with a wide discography of tracks that are still celebrated and enjoyed today. After releasing seventeen studio albums throughout a career spanning back to the late sixties and some line up changes, they’ve announced that the thirty year anniversary of their fourteenth record, the fifth record featuring the most famous and most successful line-up, the amazing ‘Tango in the Night’ will be celebrated with a special re-release, featuring unheard, rare and unreleased tracks.

The album will be released in a manner of different formats, and the exclusive content ranges from B-sides, remixes, demos and more. A must have for any Fleetwood Mac fan, to which, there are millions. ‘Tango in the Night’ is considered one of their most well-known albums, sitting behind ‘Rumours’ and ‘Tusk’ in its infamy but still a strong addition to the discography nonetheless. The album featured classics like ‘Little Lies’ and ‘Big Love’ and ‘Everywhere’ which to this day, remain dance floor favourites and some of the most poignant tracks in the evolution of an incredible band.

Could this reworking of the old, make way for a reuniting and brand new music in the near future? The bands disputes and disagreements as well as romantic disintegrations is well documented and most of the band have enjoyed solo success, but if they’re going to start making a habit out of giving the fans a little something extra, then I know what we’d all love to see.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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