In the nineties, future multi time NTA award winners Ant & Dec released their debut track ‘Let’s Get Ready to Rumble’, and as successful as they’ve been, hosting and presenting, since then, there’s only one type of Rumble we’re interested in today. Sunday the 29th of January marks the 2017 WWE Royal Rumble, an institution for wrestling fans around the world and one of the most exciting days on the wrestling calendar. One of the most exciting elements to this, is the anticipation for who will make they’re entrance into the annual Battle Royale, and go on, to win and ultimately headline Wrestlemania.

What makes this even better is that WWE has a plethora of superstars that have incredible entrance music, which gives the matches a larger feel, a more exciting spectacle and an element of importance. Here we’ll run down our favourite entrance themes around at the minute, and let you know which ones we’re hoping to hear tonight:

Shinsuke Nakamura / The Rising Sun

One of the most charismatic wrestlers in history is NXT’s Shinsuke Nakamura. Hailing from Kyoto, Japan, his unique style and movements have made him an enigmatic figure in the WWE, but his violin and heavy drum based signature entrance is one of the highlights of his performance. After losing the NXT title last night he may well be heading for the rumble tonight…

Bobby Roode / Glorious

Keeping in the same vein, Nakamura lost his NXT title to the relatively new Bobby Roode, last night in San Anotonio, Texas. Roode is known for wrestling in other promotions over the past decade or so but has made it to the big time and is now champion in the WWE’s developmental territory NXT. However, Roode’s popularity, despite his heel persona, was immediate and all thanks to his Glorious theme music. The fans love to sing along and its grand and over the top, fitting his braggadocios personality. Will he be in the big match tonight? Doubtful, but this theme can’t be ignored.

Triple H / Time to Play the Game

It’s an old standard, but it’s never ever lost its effectiveness, in fact it may have gotten bigger than ever after the sad passing of the artist, and rock legend Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead. With heavy guitars and Lemmy’s signature snarl, it’s always made for an exciting entrance and at Wrestlemania, Triple H always likes to use it to his advantage and create an over the top spectacle long before he’s even hit the ring. He’s last year’s Royal Rumble winner and a fourteen time champion. If he does enter tonight, be sure that Seth Rollins won’t be far away.

The Undertaker / Rest In Peace

One of the most legendary figures in wrestling history and a household name, The Undertaker has been a WWE constant for over twenty-six years. In that time he has entered many a Royal Rumble,but only ever won one in 2007, besting Shawn Michaels for the final elimination. However much like our previous three, the show begins a long time before The Deadman even gets to the ring, as his signature entrance has been sending chills up spines for decades. When the bell tolls, the lights go out and smoke ascends on the arena, you’ll hear a revamped and eerie version of the classic funeral march, an entrance as synonymous with wrestling as The Undertaker himself.

Bray Wyatt / Live in Fear

Originally written and performed by Mark Crozer, this track actually stands as a great song all on its own. With a rolling bass line and laid back vocals, it caught the ear of WWE’s Bray Wyatt and was immediately adopted as his entrance music. Wyatt, with his Southern prophet gimmick uses it to complete his slow, dark entrance to the ring, normally flanked by other members of the Wyatt family. The crowds have taken this as their cue to get their I-phone torches out and amongst the light provided by the crowd and a lantern he holds in his hand. A spooky entrance to say the least, but it may be his exit as Rumble winner that has us all in shock.

Sami Zayn / Worlds Apart

One of the most exciting mid card wrestlers on the roster at the minute, Sami Zayn is as adept at flying as he is technically, but his ska-punk entrance theme is what gets the audience excited whenever he arrives. An up tempo, brass led pop punk track, again working great as an instrumental track on its own, adds endless personality to Zayn. Could he win tonight? Not if rival Braun Strowman gets in his way.

Daniel Bryan / Flight of the Valkyries

Now, we all know (me more than anyone) that Daniel Bryan is retired and currently works as Smackdown Live’s general manager, but there are suspicions that we may just hear this music played anyway. Since the summer (if not for the past seven years) Daniel Bryan and The Miz have been in a heated feud, with The Miz mocking and berating the former World champion, even to the extent of stealing his move set and signature YES! chant. So how much would it add, if the clock counted down and out of nowhere we heard that familiar heavy metal version of the classic ‘Flight of the Valkyries’ and the crowd erupts, only for The Miz to emerge and receive the biggest boos of the night. It could happen… he could even win?

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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