Half time heroes: the best Super Bowl performances of all time

The world is buzzing today, on television and social media, many are talking about Super Bowl 51 which took place last night in Houston, Texas at the NRG stadium. The game features the New England Patriots besting the Atlanta Falcons in an impressive victory and 50 years of the NFL’s annual institution has finally been completed. However, just as exciting as the game itself, the half time show has, for many years now, become as much of a spectacle and a talking point as anything else, and this years did not disappoint.

We’re taking a look back now at some of our favours Super Bowl halftime shows and why they stole the show…

Lady Gaga / Super Bowl 51 2017 

It was just last night that one of the biggest Super Bowl performances took place and it featured everything from drones, fire works, flying into the stadium, a medley of her hits, a nod to the LGBTQ community and a very sly punch in the kidneys to President Donald Trump who was in attendance. All these gimmicks and additions took nothing away from the performance and she completely and utterly stole the show from the actual game itself.

Paul McCartney / Super Bowl 39 2005

In a halftime show that seems so under produced now, this one literally featured a living legend in music and his backing band take on some of his solo material and some Beatles classics and with such a small time set, he created a colossal atmosphere and remains a Super Bowl favourite for myself to this day.

Prince / Super Bowl 41 2009

This performance became famous once again due to his untimely death in 2016 and the effort and talent behind the production was celebrated for a second time. Featuring a Foo Fighters covered and a rain soaked rendition of ‘Purple Rain‘, this transcends a performance or a Super Bowl half time show and remains an iconic moment in history.

Diana Ross / Super Bowl 30 1996

A celebration of soul and Motown, fronted by an icon of the genres and featuring a medley that reads like a greatest hits album track listing, the 30th Super Bowl sounds more like a music fans dream gig than an athletics final.

Beyoncé & Destinys Child / Super Bowl 47 2013

It seems a little awkward that it’d be billed as Beyoncé… including the group in which she fronted, but hey, it’s no secret that the breakout star and the real talent in the group is Beyoncé Knowles. But when they reunited for Super Bowl 47 they smashed through a bunch of solo and group tracks, and created one hell of a spectacle to go along with it. Certainly a reunion worth watching.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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