After stealing the entire world’s attention as well as the show at this past weekend’s Super Bowl LI, Lady Gaga’s name has been on everybody’s lips, and rightfully so. As the half time performer during the NFL’s biggest game of the year between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots, Gaga would go on to deliver a performance that would make history. Featuring everything from a medley of her hits over the past nine years of her unique and flamboyant music career, death-defying stunts like diving from the roof of the NRG stadium in Houston, Texas, pyrotechnics, an army of dancers and an incredible display by a flock of drones programmed to create the American flag, it was a once in a lifetime spectacle, and not something you’d expect to see from today’s pop music roster. Gaga stands in a very exclusive group at the minute and its one that truly has the talent to portray music as the art form it can really be and not only that but can use it to amaze, inspire and draw emotion of every variety. Artists like David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Prince and Madonna have led this charge in the past and now Lady Gaga is at the front of the class. Here’s a look back at her biggest tracks so far and Mojo20’s favourite tracks of all time by Lady Gaga…

Born This Way (2011)

Despite the success of most her songs, this one stands as a bit of a theme tune of sorts as it champions and celebrates the difference in all of us, from differences in ethnicity to sexuality and all in between, it is the adopted national anthem of the LGBTQ community and all that believe in the cause. Not only that but it’s an empowering and aggressively defiant track that demands respect.

Telephone featuring Beyonce’ (2010)

An awesome track with an over the top music video, showcasing two of the biggest names in pop music at the time… oh wait, they both still are two of the biggest names in music. The chorus is one of the catchiest Gaga has produced but the bright, colourful, dramatic and crazy music video steals the show here. Little did we know it’d only be the start…

Bad Romance (2009)

The first single from her second album ‘The Fame Monster’ was perhaps not the start of her avant-garde persona, but it was the amplification of her personality and her sound and visual style became massively famous all around the world. Still one of the biggest tracks of her career by far.

Perfect Illusion (2016)

One of her newer tracks, featured on her latest album ‘Joanne’, but it deserves a hell of a lot of recognition as it’s a brash and aggressive party track that reintroduced us to Gaga after quite some time away. See the video for ‘Perfect Illusion’ for cameos by Kevin Parker from Tame Impala and Mark Ronson also. Not bad company to be in.

Poker Face (2008)

Couldn’t bare this track when it first came out and especially after following the release of her debut  ‘Just Dance’ I considered Lady Gaga to be the new poster child for the retardation of pop music. Then I remember ‘Poker Face’ coming on in a club around the time of its release and going nuts. A pop classic, whether you admit it or not…

Marry the Night (2011)

In the space of 4 minutes and 24 seconds this songs whizzes through several types of genres, it starts slow and fairly depressing actually but gradually turns into a fast paced dance floor thriller. The songs interpretation is basically her struggling to get into the music business but determined to become successful and once she does she kills it…which is true, she kills it every time.

Million Reasons (2016)

This song is in new taste for Gaga, a song that is totally reliant on her voice with the backing of the piano which she can play so elegantly. It has been suggested that this song is about her former ex fiancé Taylor Kinney and the trials, tribulations and heartbreak of going through a turbulent break up. A beautiful song that reminds us all of just how talented Lady Gaga really is.

Alejandro (2010)

I’ll never be able to describe properly why I love this one, but with Hispanic themes and a subtle hint of Madonna’s ‘La Isla Bonita’, it sort of turned up out of nowhere and remained a stark contrast to anything before or since.

Edge of Glory (2011)

Simply for its grand, anthem like power, it became a pop juggernaut and still features a chorus that is permanently allowed access to your brain. If you say you’ve never walked around your house singing this at the top of your lungs… you’re lying.



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